the weight of glory

8 03 2008

// becoming… less = capacity as he is becoming… more \\

i am currently in south africa for my job with israel & new breed. i want to keep this short but want to say something about what i am experiencing.

last night we were in east london and tonight we are in durban. both nights, the presence of God has been so overwhelming and incredibly real… so not contrived or manipulated. it’s amazing how God will rush to inhabit worship void of hidden motives.

when 1200 beautiful people from durban pack to overflow capacity into a small church building that is easily over 100 degrees inside (with no a/c) and raise their voices in unison declaring “You are Alpha and Omega, we worship you our Lord, You are worthy to be praised”… are you kidding me?!?!? God can’t help but rush into the center of that!

we are encountering such a phenomenal and tangible weight of glory here. there is a passion and genuine hunger here like I have rarely seen.

i have alot of thoughts, but couldn’t help but think tonight that a lot of what is passed off as “the gospel” in the u.s. is a bunch of mess. if you can’t go anywhere in the world, preach your “gospel” and it be relevant to that culture, then you are preaching “another gospel”.

these people love Jesus because he has ransomed them and redeemed them from the law of sin and death… and they don’t care if they ever get a mercedes.

the presence of God here is ruining me…

i will never be the same….

God is seeking broken champions…




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