4 04 2008

// becoming… expectant \\

I have come to the conclusion that some people don’t experience more because they don’t expect more. Ephesians 3:20 says that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. For so many years, I have heard that scripture read and quoted, but the emphasis was always put on God doing ‘exceeding abundantly’, and not so much on the “above all that we ask or think”.

Maybe we don’t receive the ‘exceeding abundantly” because our “asking or thinking” is missing the mark. It would appear that God is asking us to give Him something to work with. I tend to dream big. Huge, in fact. And I believe with everything that is inside of me, that the more I dream, think and ask BIG, the more God is going to blow my mind and will come through with “exceeding abundantly” more than I could even dream.

I heard Pastor Brett Fuller preach a message once called “Encouragement & Destiny”. In it, he said it is vital to realize that God lives beyond our expectations and that He wants to take the limitations off of our expectations and cause us to become something that we never thought we could be.

If God lives beyond my expectations, then I can conclude that the more I expect, the more I will find God dwelling in a place that is further reaching than what I originally expected. The more I ask and think, the more my expectations fuel the exceeding and abundant working of God in my life. It is not the more I “hope” (the desire for a certain thing to happen), but the more I expect (an earnest faith that I will see the thing I am looking for).

Expectation is hope with a seed. A woman who is pregnant does not hope to give birth to a child, she expects to give birth because there is a tangible manifestation of what was once just a hope. That is why women who are pregnant do not say they are “hoping”, but rather they are “expecting”. For while she once hoped to have a child, once a seed had been planted her hope took root and became an expectation, an assurance that she will soon see the fruition of the process taking place inside of her, and now she knows it will only be a matter of time. It is what T.D. Jakes calls “the outworking of the internal.”

I don’t “hope” for these things, because I know the seed has been planted and they are are already available to me. I expect them. I expect big things. I expect divine appointments. I expect favor. I expect “chance encounters”. I expect unseen opportunities. I expect influence. I expect strategic, purposeful and divinely orchestrated relationships. I expect the unexpected.

I wonder what would happen in our lives today if we really began to expect God to do something big?




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4 04 2008

Moving! I just might have to save that somewhere for safe keeping!

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