too connected?

8 05 2008

i blog (and blog again), i twitter and i skype

i have a myspace, facebook and a linkedin profile

i text chronically (according to i have used 1,828 text messages in the billing period since april 10)

i use blackberry messenger and any number of instant messengers (ichat, aim, gtalk, msn live… you name it) … btw, if you use all those, you need to know about adium. word.

if i am away from my computer and you send me an im, i will get a text message.

if i am not blogging, i am possibly catching up on any one of the nearly 40+ blogs that i subscribe to and read daily…

there are 1,686 contacts in my entourage and blackberry address books.

in addition to my own frenetic social network melange, i manage facebook, myspace, virb, xanga, twitter and various other pages/properties as part of my job…

if i am not skyping, texting, im’ing, twittering, myspacing, facebooking, bbmsgr’ing or anything else… i am probably on the phone. according to, i have used 2865 minutes since april 10.

my homey daniel thinks i am too connected. is it possible to be too connected?




One response

8 05 2008
Daniel White

Like I said…”too connected” ha!

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