more knock-off christian crap

11 05 2008

if there is one thing i love (and when i say love, i mean love to hate) if has to be cheap, knock-off christian versions of just about anything. among my favorites are the t-shirts that blatantly rip-off trademarked logos, but with a christianese twist… they are the worst!!!! that being said… here’s the latest…

you’ve got to be kidding me…

from… “good lord. no, really. good lord. the two mp-301 mp3 player from icetech usa crams 1gb of media storage into — as you can see — a very Jesus-friendly form factor. the $49 player features a built-in microphone with voice recorder, mirrored front panel, and even a little speaker. according to reviews, the player has some serious interface issues and a weak screen” (and why isn’t that a surprise?!?)

i cant help but wonder “why”!?!? sadly enough, this isn’t even the first one… even more sad, folks are going to eat this up… geesh…




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