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13 05 2008

thanks to my good friend brewster, i was hipped to the blog of pete wilson, a nashville-area pastor with a refreshing take on life, the world and our place in it.

today, pete wrote a blog titled ‘sometimes i struggle with love’, and you should definitely check it out. in it, he quotes 1 corinthians 13:3-7 from the message translation, talks about the aspect of biblical love that he struggles with the most and challenges his readers to talk about what aspect they struggle with most.

i posted a comment, but also wanted to share this here. here was my response:

i was listening to a song called ‘i receive your love’ as i was getting ready for work this morning and was thinking about how hard it can be to receive perfect love when you’ve lived with imperfect love all your life. i probably struggle with most of these to varying degrees, but “love never gives up” might be the biggest right now. in general it can be a struggle to see everything that we call love and still believe God when he says “mine is better than that!” we want better love, but it can be difficult to comprehend what that actually is.

you should join the discussion at his blog. any thoughts?




2 responses

16 05 2008

I have to say I am with you on the struggle. For years I have been saying to God I just don’t get it and there has to be more to it than this. I certainly found it challenging to give better love than I was receiving and a conflict in my mind always existed when unconditional was spoken of but simultaneously so many conditions of “living right” in order to be accepted and blessed by God. I am growing and I am learning but as I go through time what I have to come to appreciate is the pursuit of God in the form of collective demonstrations of his love. We may not as individuals be able to demonstrate wholy the perfect love of God but the nuggets of love I receive from the many people in my life and over time when looked at as a whole always overwhelms me. When I look through time I begin to appreciate the fact that no matter where I am, who I am, what I’m doing He’s faithful in demonstrating His love. Grace & Mercy follow me and every time I experience that I’m challenged to hope to be able to extend some of that same grace to people causing them to have an experience, a taste of His heart.

My prayer…God show us more and more of You and your heart.

My few thoughts.

How did I find your post…some very random browsing.

Thanks for sharing.

24 06 2008

we all struggle with love or in love…but the most important question is : does it worth it?…let`s say we find that perfect love, the soulmate all we are waiting…but in my opinion the problem is…if we find that true love, how can we keep it…and does it worth the effort? I prefer lots of untrue love but happy and simple moments with no complications. Don`t you??

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