don’t stop hoeing

28 05 2008

there is a church on every other corner in nashville. when i lived there, i has the esteemed honor of driving 45 minutes each way out to the berry’s chapel church of christ to take this picture. it was a day i will never forget. this picture has provided many, many moments of spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter since i took it in 2004.
church sign

yes, it is real. poor, poor little church full of (what I presume to be) white people. i know what they meant to say, but they obviously didn’t realize the double meaning. i guess at this church they teach from the RJV… the rick james version. 😉

i recently came across crummy church signs, a blog dedicated to the “critical analysis of critically bad church signs”. i absolutely love it! i submitted my pic and they selected it for this week’s commentary contest. so, click on over and submit your caption/comment to my gloriously horrible church sign pic!




One response

28 05 2008
Pete Wilson

Dude, that is hilarious. I drive by that church all the time here in Nashville!

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