18 05 2008

over the rhine is one of my favorite groups. born is an incredible song from their 2005 album ‘drunkard’s prayer‘, which is easily one of my favorite albums ever. i’m deep in thought tonight and wanted to share this. I love this. i feel this… and it makes me dig deeper.

i was born to laugh
i learned to laugh through my tears
i was born to love
i’m gonna learn to love without fear



14 05 2008

here are the lyrics from a dope new song called “lost” from coldplay‘s upcoming album “viva la vida or death and all his friends”. killer. listen to the song here. the album hits june 17 in the states.

just because I’m losing
doesn’t mean I’m lost
doesn’t mean I’ll stop
doesn’t mean I will cross

just because I’m hurting
doesn’t mean I’m hurt
doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I deserve
no better and no worse

i just got lost
every river that I’ve tried to cross
and every door I ever tried was locked
ooh-oh, and I’m just waiting till the shine wears off…

you might be a big fish
in a little pond
doesn’t mean you’ve won
’cause along may come
a bigger one
and you’ll be lost

every river that you tried to cross
every gun you ever held went off
ooh-oh, and I’m just waiting till the firing starts
ooh-oh, and I’m just waiting till the shine wears off
ooh-oh, and I’m just waiting till the shine wears off
ooh-oh, and I’m just waiting till the shine wears off

better love

13 05 2008

thanks to my good friend brewster, i was hipped to the blog of pete wilson, a nashville-area pastor with a refreshing take on life, the world and our place in it.

today, pete wrote a blog titled ‘sometimes i struggle with love’, and you should definitely check it out. in it, he quotes 1 corinthians 13:3-7 from the message translation, talks about the aspect of biblical love that he struggles with the most and challenges his readers to talk about what aspect they struggle with most.

i posted a comment, but also wanted to share this here. here was my response:

i was listening to a song called ‘i receive your love’ as i was getting ready for work this morning and was thinking about how hard it can be to receive perfect love when you’ve lived with imperfect love all your life. i probably struggle with most of these to varying degrees, but “love never gives up” might be the biggest right now. in general it can be a struggle to see everything that we call love and still believe God when he says “mine is better than that!” we want better love, but it can be difficult to comprehend what that actually is.

you should join the discussion at his blog. any thoughts?


12 05 2008

was just driving back to my office, heard dr. tony evans say this on the radio and it really struck me…

“wisdom is the ability to discern the true nature of a thing and then implement the will of God concerning it.”

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john mayer

12 05 2008

where the light is… coming july 1 on double cd, dvd and blu-ray.

spanning 22 tracks, ‘where the light Is’ features three sets: an acoustic performance, a rare set with the john mayer trio (john mayer, steve jordan and pino palladino), as well as a set featuring mayer’s full band.


i love people

12 05 2008

i am a people dude. i absolutely love people, love engaging people in meaningful discussion, love learning people’s stories, etc. as such, i also love movies about people… people’s struggles, people’s lives, the fight to overcome obstacles and the passion to live in spite of what life throws at them.

one of my favorite recent movies is lars and the real girl.

the film stars ryan gosling as lars lindstrom, “a lovable introvert whose emotional baggage has kept him from fully embracing life.” lars has a delusion which is causing him to believe that his new “friend” whom he met online is real, when in fact she is a life-sized doll. what follows is an emotional, and quite funny, journey for lars and everyone around him as everyone in his life commits to going along with it in an effort to help lars get better. it is a powerful portrayal of the power of relationships in our lives.

i saw it twice in dallas last fall when it was in limited release and loved it! it is on dvd now and i recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. it’s quirky and fun, but most of all it just might challenge you to take a look at the people in your life and find creative ways to serve them right where they are.

has anyone else seen it?


11 05 2008

“this be the realest thing I ever wrote for sure, after this a lot of folks wont like me no more…” – lyfe jennings

the dictionary defines ‘jaded’ as “tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm; typically after having too much of something”.

yep… i’m jaded, alright. this is going to be a mind dump, so bear with me…

“i wonder if the gospel of love has become the gospel of being right” … dan merchant (author/writer/director of ‘lord, save us from your followers’)

i grew up in a horribly dogmatic and legalistic abomination, i mean denomination. =) i spent the first 25 years of my life surrounded by people who had a warped view of the salvation experience and who were quick to send a lot of people to hell if a strict religious code was not adhered to. they were so concerned with being convinced they were “right”, that in the process they weren’t really loving anybody. i left that church a little over 8 years ago, but in a lot of ways, and for a lot of reasons, i am still coming to terms with various aspects of that whole experience and continue to try to reconcile it with where i am in my life today. religion sucks.

before i go any further, i want to say that i am not angry, and i am not bitter… but if you will indulge me being totally honest here on my blog… i am tired.

i love Jesus and i want my life to reflect the character of Christ to those around me. i want to be an instrument of the grace that I so desperately need every day of my life. the ‘body of Christ’ is beautiful, man! i have been blessed to travel extensively and have met some of the most amazing and beautiful disciples of Christ all over this country and all over the world. so don’t get it twisted… i love the church… but “church”? yeeeeeaaaah… i’m pretty much not feeling it at the moment.

i’m not the only one. i often have these conversations with a few close friends of mine who are also on the same page. “church” isn’t cutting it for our generation. we desire to be a part of a thriving faith community that is making a difference in the lives of those in our respective spheres of influence.

to be fair, i do know that there are churches out there who are doing it… they are doing exactly what I am talking about… they are the hands of feet of Christ, love and justice in action that is the heartbeat of Jesus. but sadly enough they are few and far between.

i believe that the heart of God is for real live faith, love and community in action. however, in my life, i have seen a lot of people whose lives revolve around the sunday morning experience as if it were the apex of what it means to be a christian in america… who are satisfied to be “church people”… but outside of their sunday morning gloriously euphoric spiritual expression, they are having zero effect on the world around them once they walk out the doors.

the great christian paradox seems to be this… that we are quick to go to great lengths to profess our christianity, but yet do so little or nothing to act on that profession. i must wonder, when did we trade in being disciples of Christ for being “christians”? when did we trade in talking with people for talking at them? when did we trade being the church for doing church?

i am not a pastor, a priest or a theologian. i am simply someone who loves Jesus and who legitimately struggles with whether or not my life is a consistent enough reflection of the new life that i have been freely given. i don’t have all the answers. in fact, by comparison i probably have very few of them. i’m just saying something’s missing… i love Jesus, i’m just not sold on all the stuff that we’ve put in between him and us… so yeah… jaded.

i just finished watching an advance copy of “lord, save us from your followers”, a documentary by dan merchant and it got me on this page tonight. it releases june 13, and i am sure you will be hearing a lot more about it very soon. i watched the last 30-40 minutes of the film through tears, thinking “my God, people are hurting, and we’re… in church…”

you can stream the entire film online for $6.99 now. if you are a pastor, show it to your congregation. if you are a parent, show it to your children. challenge those around you… get the dialogue going where you live. be the catalyst to get the people around you off their ass and into the real world… living, loving and looking like Jesus. part of me was a little afraid to post this, but you know what?  i’m tired of acting like i don’t really feel this way… tired of acting like i’m not tired.  so, let the discussion begin…