awaken, o dreamer

25 06 2008

this past sunday i was flipping through the new issue of relevant magazine, one of my favorites, and came across an ad and review of erwin mcmanus‘ new book, wide awake: the future is waiting within you.

as i skimmed the short interview about the book with mcmanus, i read this:

“relevant: do you think people ever feel guilty about pursuing the life they want?

mcmanus: yes. absolutely. i think strangely enough, most people live under obligation.  they’re doing what they think other people expect them to do or want to do or demand that they do rather than what they really would have done.  i meet with people whose only goal is to pay their bills, because they think beyond that is greedy and they forget that they don’t have to keep it all.  most people in the western world don’t really understand that to optimize your opportunity is to create hope for the rest of the world.  you can actually provide housing and find cures for diseases.  to me, one of the greatest and most selfish acts among people is to just make enough to survive.”

wow.  after reading that i could not get in my car fast enough and drove to barnes & noble to buy this book.  i’ve been in it for a few days now and it is rocking my world, and it is so right on time for me.  you can check out a sample chapter here.

here’s a great excerpt from the book:

“for centuries now, Jesus has been a focus of every kind of research, from theology to history to philosophy.  his approach to ethics left an undeniable mark on humanity.  what has been significantly underappreciated is how Jesus changed the way his followers actually engaged life.  he launched a movement that unleashed previously untapped potential in those who believed in him.  he created an environment where his disciples began to believe the impossible and soon found they were turning dreams into reality.  his became a movement of dreamers and visionaries called and compelled to dream of a better world.”

there is also a dvd release of wide awake:the short films coming next week that has several short films along the themes of the book. can’t wait to get that!

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