jon and kate plus 8

25 06 2008

i am currently watching jon & kate plus 8 on tlc.  this show is incredible.

i don’t know what took me so long to discover it, but i am completely captivated… and worn out.  i have watched 3 episodes back to back tonight, and have already set up a series recording on my dvr to record them all.

I am currently watching the episode where “hannah pooped in her underwears”.  in just the hour and a half that i have spent with the gosselin family, i can already tell that kate has some significant control and abandonment issues and jon needs to grow a pair.  🙂  even so, i love this show!  i also love how the producers are not editing out the faith aspect of the gosselin’s family life.  the kids are adorable and so full of life!

speaking of tlc, they have some pretty dope new shows.  in addition to the aforementioned jon & kate plus 8, they have new shows like rock the reception and the singing office.  very cool.

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4 responses

25 06 2008
vanessa warren

i loooooooooooooove this show! it wears me out too. i could NEVER imagine. whew!

3 09 2008
pam moore

i luv Kate. igrew up in a family of 7 kids in 8 years and no multipules. my mom was so much like Kate and people make her seem awful and yet her kids are happy healthy and very loved. I always felt that from my mom. order made it work. Thanks kate for caring pam

17 02 2009

I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8. I watch it EVERYDAY! It just inspires me so much. I wish I could meet them in person.I also love their kids, Mady,Cara,Alexis,Hannah,Collin,Aaden,Leah,and,Joel!

11 03 2009

I just wish that Kate would let up a little on Jon, because of her constant belittlement any man would roam a little when they have the chance..Jon is a great guy, as I know that Kate is a great woman, but omg..give him a break.I know that they want what is best for the family, but why in the world did they have to get a dog, I mean 2 and they arent small and the poop will be great to pick up. Now that they have this great home stop and enjpy it a little before the kids destroy it or something major the sink clogs and Kate is overwraught and doesnt know what to do. Also that little girl Maddie needs a good kick in the pants with all her moods and maddness, she is the only only there now..there is a total of 8 children//
She ruins all the happeness that they have in group things..

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