what’s your story?

3 07 2008

if you know me very well, you know that i am all about people and love getting to know people’s stories.

i think one of the biggest reasons there is such a lack of genuine love on display today is because we just don’t know and have a true understanding of where people have come from and where they are going… the simple but often overlooked and easily forgotten fact that every single one of us is somewhere “in between”… somewhere in the process… somewhere between here and there… between who we were and who we will be…

this video moved me deeply.  i watched it and wept. (thank you for posting it, jay)

do we really know where people are at in their lives???  some are stuck, still on first side of the cards… some have made it to the flip side… but many are somewhere in between.  many people’s cards are still turning… i know some of mine are.

Lord help us to not judge people just because we dont see that their card hasn’t quite turned yet… let us be your love and run in your truth… let us not be so quick to write someone off and close the book in judgement without realizing that the ink is still wet, and the story is still being written…

so everyone has a story… what’s yours?




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3 07 2008

Everyone is in such a rush today. People don’t really take the time to care about how others are doing or what is going on in their lives. We all ask others, “How are you doing?” However, do we really ever take the time to listen to their answers?

8 07 2008

Hey Grant… I’m actually at an event where the executive pastor from Hillside Christian Church is speaking. He told us at dinner that those are the actual people’s testimony… and that the gal with cancer in the wheel chair passed away shortly after that Sunday. The gal who was diagnosed with MS brought her neurologist and he came to Christ through her circumstance and he’s now on a medical mission trip! Very cool!

9 07 2008

So simple, yet so profound. Thanks for sharing.

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