my healer

24 07 2008

if you have not yet heard the buzz surrounding the song “healer” yet, you soon will.

“healer” was written by mike guglielmucci, who wrote it after a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2006. the song was recorded live by hillsong this year, with mike guglielmucci leading, and appears on the upcoming hillsong live worship cd, this is our god, which releases august 5.

there are many praise reports that have been a result of how this song has impacted people’s faith and how God has moved miraculously in people’s lives.  check out this site to see the live performance, the story behind the song and to share prayer requests and praise reports of your own.

i encourage you to share this with everyone you know who is in need of a healer… whether in their body, their emotions, their finances, their relationships, their mind…   Jesus is our healer and he is all we need.

i think it’s very important that we don’t just see Christ as “a” healer, but as “my” healer.  it is very personal.  sure, he is both… but for me to be able to see him as being that personally available to me changes the way i will pursue and grab ahold of him… because he is my healer. that’s really dope if you think about it.

do you believe he is a healer or do you believe he is your healer?  nothing is impossible for him who believes! anything can happen!

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3 responses

25 07 2008

Ok…since I’ve been watching the video and the listening to the song all day, I felt compelled to comment…

I’m in the midst of a physical struggle. There are quite a few things going on and it’s scary and taxing and draining and a few other things. I know God can do anything…I know He can heal me. Sometimes, though, when I’m in the throws of it all, God seems so far away. I feel alone on my bed of affliction. I don’t have a husband keeping tabs on me. My parents aren’t in the area to check up on me. My friends have their own lives to live…so I’m often alone…sitting in my room…trying not to succomb to the depression that tries to set in.

This song has been so powerful for me today. It brought back to my remembrance that God is not far off. He is right here beside me, taking me through this process so I can be a testiment to His power in my health and my emotions as I deal with this.

I thank God for this opportunity to praise Him in this way…it’s part of my process. He’s making me REAL…nothing is impossible for Him…

28 07 2008

I have truly enjoyed the journey that this entire Cd has taken me on…but Healer is an intimate reminder of God’s goodness and definitely a favourite. I knew that there would be people in my world that would be turned off by the strength of Mike’s mature voice, but even before hearing his story, it brought me chills. I played the DVD at my home group for chick worship leaders and the comments began to flow…”I love it!”, “I don’t like his voice”, “I think his voice is amazing”, “Oh look there’s Darlene”, “She’s not on staff anymore”…then I put his testimony on and there was silence. The point is folks that these aren’t just songs. These are musical testimonies that sometimes speak for one, but mostly speak for masses.
Thanks for sharing.

29 07 2008

Beautiful song, and what an inspiration to others! Faith is the strongest weapon we have, especially in times of great struggle. I’ve fumbled through the years with faith, and discovered that we have to have it for mental self preservation. I’ve had to trust that God has a bigger plan in all my grief and turmoil.

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