the dark knight

24 07 2008

i went to see the dark knight a couple nights ago and whoa… it was bangin’!  i had heard all the hype and hoped that it would live up to what everyone was saying, and it more than did.  i was actually surprised that it was able to keep me completely engaged for the entire 152 minutes.

christian bale was a great batman but it was certainly heath ledger who stole the show.  his interpretation of the joker character was so diabolical, so sweetly twisted and disturbed that it gave me chills a few times throughout the film.  great story, great cast… i will probably see this again.  there was even a distinct spiritual thread that seemed to run throughout the themes of the film as well.  i’ll keep tossing it around for awhile and may write about it soon.

apparently folks can’t get enough of the dark knight.  in the first 5 days it earned $203.8 million, which nearly matched the entire run of its predecessor.  with all kinds of momentum working in its favor, it earned  $25 million this monday and another $21 million on tuesday… that’s more than some movies gross… ever!

roger ebert wrote a killer review of the film, and you should check it out.

what did you think of the dark knight?




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