so where have i been?

10 08 2008

i’m usually pretty up on the latest and greatest in the music world, but somehow, in the course that my life has taken in the last 8 years or so, goldfrapp has managed to sneak by me completely… until now.  exactly how this has happened is a mystery to me… what with all the trusted fellow music heads in my life as well as all the music that i myself consume with unhindered regularity.  but thanks to my friend and fellow lover of music, erik, goldfrapp has now entered my sphere of awareness, and i’m loving it!

after spending some time digging through their discography, i found that goldfrapp, spearheaded by leader alison goldfrapp, are quite the musical shape-shifters, coming from adventurous new angles with each record they release.  in other words, they are “artists”. imagine that.

goldfrapp’s latest album, seventh tree, is a lush and ambient soundscape much akin to something you might hear from frou frou or dido… in fact, it’s patty griffin meets imogen heap.  definitely check it out.

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