brandy’s back

17 08 2008

after a 4 year hiatus from recording, brandy is back.  her brand new single “right here (departed)” hit the net this week, will be available on itunes august 26 and officially impacts radio in september, although i’m sure you’ll be hearing it everywhere any time now.

it is notable that the new single marks brandy’s reunion with rodney “darkchild” jerkins, with whom brandy created the most creative, acclaimed and best-selling work of her career.  brandy’s pairing with darkchild proved to be explosive on their first effort together, 1998’s “never say never” album.  fueled largely by the international smash hit “the boy is mine” (with monica), “never say never” sold over 14 million units worldwide.  we haven’t seen brandy and jerkins making music together since 2002’s less successful but remarkably sonically progressive “full moon” album.

jerkins was notably absent from the mix on her 2004 album, “afrodisiac”, which was widely considered a failure, having yet to sell even 500,000 copies as of 2008… a number far removed from the glory days of the brandy-darkchild collabo.  for “afrodisiac” brandy chose to lean on the production laurels of the likes of timbaland and kanye west, incredibly successful producers in their own right, but who achieved moderate-at-best results in their attempts to deliver the “brandy sound”.

their success together made the names brandy and darkchild arguably synonymous, with many feeling that she aided in defining his sound as much as he did hers.  “right here (departed)” reclaims the classic brandy/darkchild sound with blazing results.  seconds before the pulsating groove kicks in, rodney declares “we back!”… and yes indeed, they are back.

brandy’s new album “human” releases on november 11.

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3 responses

17 08 2008

def feelin the new track!
thanx for posting!

20 08 2008

very nice and I totally agree with all of your commentary. On another note, Rodney is drawing from even more inspiration now with the arrival of his little boy Rodney Jr. His wife and I have been long time friends & he is one of the few names I drop from time to time, because he’s just way too cool for skool! Keep spreading the word on what’s good.

20 09 2008

Wowww!!!! This song is a breath of fresh air compared to what’s currently played on R&B radio. This is what the music industry needs. It is obvious that the celebration of ignorance currently taking place on R&B radio needs to end. I am glad they didn’t try to fit in to that current silly simple sound.

Rodney Jerkins and Brandy are musically, a perfect combination . I am glad they decided to work with each other again.

I can’t wait to buy this album!!!! Brandy is officially back!!

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