…on joining the circus

27 09 2008

when i was a child, i used to get upset and threaten my parents that i was gong to run away and join the circus.  sometimes i think that’s exactly what ended up happening…

i imagine that as a circus, um… person, you are often in a different city, have to be able to multi-task to keep the action going in all 3 rings, often find yourself walking fine lines or swinging from one thing to another and no matter what you do, are always surrounded by clowns.

i’m just saying… the parellels are uncanny.  🙂


is she back for real this time?

26 09 2008

while i certainly wouldn’t classify myself as a britney spears fan, i must say that she has churned out more than her fair share of tasty pop smashes over the last decade or so.  just a year ago, millions watched, mouths gaping open in shock, as her highly touted trainwreck of a “comeback” on the mtv vmas crashed and burned.  after that, she released “blackout” to a lukewarm reception and despite not being totally panned by critics and fans, it pretty much stalled.

fast forward a year and miss spears has certainly been through her fair share of life challenges, many of which she brought on herself.   however, most of this year, team britney has been privately plotting a real return and it would appear that they may be on the right track. it seems like she’s been working on getting her life back together and preparing to bounce back into the spotlight the right way.

case in point, britney’s new single “womanizer” that premiered exclusively on nyc’s z100 this morning.  as far as disposable pop music goes, it’s delicious!  like her or not, it’s very hard to argue her cultural influence, one way or the other. i predict this will be a smash and britney will be back on top in no time.  her new album circus will release december 2.

britney spears “womanizer”

what do you think of the song?

give me a… k?

26 09 2008

and now, another item from the ‘moronic game show moments’ files.  you’ve got to be kidding me!

i think i am going to start a new blog series called “idiot chaser”.

it’s all about pat sajak’s face…

very funny, but it still doesn’t beat what is perhaps the funniest price is right moment ever!

the emmys sucked

22 09 2008

i can’t even lie… the emmys sucked.  the opening was a huge train wreck and whoever thought of that “concept” should be either (a) fired or (b) never allowed in creative meetings again.  i am sure some of the cats were happy for the face time, but i would imagine ryan seacrest was cringing with every god awful second.

i am happy for tina fey and the cast of 30 rock for getting their much deserved props, but the rest of the show was staight up booty… with one exception.

here, ladies and gentlemen, is the only segment of the show that was worth anything. performing a special tribute to memorable tv theme songs, josh groban killed it!  my favorites are his takes on the themes to the jeffersons, southpark and fresh prince of bel-air.

wait… did josh groban just do cartman and rap???   yes, yes he did! LOL! classic!

new jon mclaughlin

19 09 2008

i’m a big fan of jon mclaughlin. he is one of the few artists whose music caught me off guard right off the bat and made me an instant fan.  his major label debut, indiana, was a killer album with great songs, and i saw him live at the house of blues in dallas when he toured in ’07. he is a great live performer as well.

now, he is preparing to release his new album, ok now, on october 7. new look, new music, new sound… and i’m digging it.  the first single from the album is “beating my heart”. it’s a good song, but it’s not the one that i’m stuck on.  the song that has me captivated at the moment is “smack into you”.

i could have sworn that i read somewhere that this song was produced by r&b heavyweights tricky and the dream, but i don’t remember where i saw that.  also, i haven’t been able to confirm where this song came from and whether or not it will actually be on ok now, but i do know that i love it.  enjoy and pick up ok now on october 7!

jon mclaughlin – “smack into you”

happy birthday, legos

19 09 2008

uk company toytastic is celebrating 30 years of legos by immortalizing a few of the united kingdom’s biggest celebs as lego characters. fun stuff.  here’s a few…


Amy Winehouse (what?  madonna gets a mic but no crack pipe accessory for amy? 🙂 )

Simon Cowell

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

David & Victoria Beckham

when bad ideas happen to god’s people

15 09 2008

honestly, i don’t even know what commentary to offer here… except  what  the  heck  in  the  world?!?!?!

your honor, in the case of ‘the people vs. cheesiness in church’, and in an effort to further prove why everything you do in church should not be recorded, i would like to submit exhibit a…

… and why does it sound like they are “borrowing” from the groove of destiny’s child’s ‘bug a boo’?!?!  LOL!!!!!!



can’t breathe…


no, really…



**UPDATE 9/16/08 1:16pm** it appears that the person who uploaded the video onto youtube has removed it. why????  boooooo!  *sniff sniff*  we were having so much fun with it!!!!   i should have grabbed it when i thought about it earlier today. if anyone else saved it, please let me know!

**UPDATE 9/17/08 6:39pm** it’s BACK!!!