13 09 2008

after 4 years of being a treo user, i upgraded to a crackberry about this time last year.

(for those of you who may be unfamiliar with the ‘crackberry’ term, this is due largely to the addictive nature of the device. mine is most usually always on my person and never more than a few feet away. pray, saints.)

my crackberry 8830 world edition has served me very well over the past year.  the only downside for me is that it doesn’t have a camera, but it does have a sim card slot, which has been great as i have traveled to places such as nigeria, jamaica, barbados, south africa, indonesia and trinidad in the past 12 months. as i entered each of these countries, i would just purchase a local sim card, insert it and bam! my crackberry world phone with a default u.s. phone number was instantly a phone with a local number in whatever country i was in.  this was incredibly handy when i managed a 2 week tour of south africa this past march.  and oh my goodness, what an experience that was!

like my homey jay, i am not convinced that the iphone is the best solution for me.  i have grown quite accustomed to the functionality of the crackberry and even after playing around with a few of my friends’ iphones, i think i’m still good with the crackberry.

now, even better, enter the new crackberry bold

oooh la la!  it sure is purdy!

the bold is supposed to hit in october, but word is it will only be available on the at&t network, which sucks because i’ve been a sprint customer for about 8 years now.  i still have another year left in my sprint contract, so i can’t see myself making the switch just for this phone… yet.  time will tell, but i am very excited about the new crackberry bold.




2 responses

13 09 2008

Do they sync well (or at all) with Windows applications?

26 09 2008

The bold is a very nice looking phone! Also looking forward to the Storm. Like to get both. LOL

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