how does it end????

15 09 2008

i went to see burn after reading today, and loved it!  brad pitt, tilda swinson, george clooney, john malkovich… great cast, hilarious story, a dark comedy but i laughed out loud several times.  but here’s what happened…

about an hour and a half in to the film i had to pee soooo bad!  the movie kept building, crazy stuff kept happening and there was no clear lull in the action where i could slip out to take care of business. so there i sat, doing the seated pee pee dance for about 20 minutes.  finally, it got to the point where staying was no longer an option.  there was suddenly a brief moment where it seemed like the action had momentarily subsided. so i dipped out, trying in vain to be as quiet as possible as my flip flops not-so-quietly made their presence known with every step.

i was gone all of about two minutes, hurried back into the theater only to hear the last couple of words and see the credits begin to roll.  i was pissed!  had i known i would have held it and continued to do the pee pee dance in my seat!!!!

i tried to explain my plight to the first person leaving the theater, asking, ‘dude, i missed the ending! how did it end?”, to which this guy looks at me, flashes a mercy smile and says “yeah” as he keeps walking.  ooooh forget it!!!!

how does it end?!?!?!?




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