the emmys sucked

22 09 2008

i can’t even lie… the emmys sucked.  the opening was a huge train wreck and whoever thought of that “concept” should be either (a) fired or (b) never allowed in creative meetings again.  i am sure some of the cats were happy for the face time, but i would imagine ryan seacrest was cringing with every god awful second.

i am happy for tina fey and the cast of 30 rock for getting their much deserved props, but the rest of the show was staight up booty… with one exception.

here, ladies and gentlemen, is the only segment of the show that was worth anything. performing a special tribute to memorable tv theme songs, josh groban killed it!  my favorites are his takes on the themes to the jeffersons, southpark and fresh prince of bel-air.

wait… did josh groban just do cartman and rap???   yes, yes he did! LOL! classic!




2 responses

23 09 2008
S. George Thomas

On EVERY single level, I absolutely could not agree with you more! (Although I did enjoy seeing Ricky Gervais’ little bit). The show was horrible from beginning to end. The opening segment was abysmal, and Josh Groban was the ONLY redeeming factor of the night. (My favorites were the themes from South Park and Fresh Prince too, and I loved the randomly slipped in Law & Order gongs/chimes.)

24 09 2008
Leesha Hall

Yeah…it seemed sucky at the beginning so I didn’t even pay it any mind…but thanx for sharing this tidbit…How ’bout I didn’t know there were words to “The Andy Griffith Show”! I learned alot…LOL!

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