kierra sheard wants to be invisible

16 10 2008

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i am very proud of kierra “kiki” sheard.

kierra is third-generation greatness in the legendary moss-clark family.  her late grandmother, dr. mattie moss clark, served many years as the head of the music dept. for the church of god in christ denomination and is widely considered the architect of the modern choir arrangements that are synonymous with much of today’s gospel music.

her mother is karen clark-sheard, a dynamic gospel artist in her own right and one-fourth of the iconic gospel group the clark sisters, which is also comprised of her “aunties” dorinda clark-cole, elbertina “twinkie” clark and jackie clark-chisholm.  the clark sisters, along with fellow detroit natives commissioned and the winans, are largely responsible for introducing the more contemporary style of gospel music in the early to mid-80s.

her uncle is urban gospel recording artist/writer/producer j. moss.

so basically… gospel music is in kierra’s blood.

here is a video of a 9 year old kierra and her mother karen, singing “the will of god” at the live recording of karen’s 1997 debut solo release, “finally karen”.  her gift was so evident even then…

i had the pleasure of working with a 17-year old kierra in 2003-2004 while I was working at emi music in nashville.  i still remember the day that we got in the first mix of her first single, “you don’t know”, and all gathered to hear what would soon be kierra’s official introduction to the music world as a solo artist.

i remember working on her project and developing her highly successful online marketing & promotions plan, building her street team “the juliet crew” and just beating the pavement in general to make sure that we made believers out of everyone who heard her music.  her debut album, “i owe you”, was fresh, young, soulful and hot… but most of all, it carried the unmistakable thread of the moss-clark legacy that set it apart from the efforts of her contemporaries at the time.  “i owe you” debuted at #1 on the billboard top gospel sales chart, a first for a solo artist debut.  i will never forget that entire season.

now, fast forward to 2008 and kierra has grown into not only a beautiful young woman, but a successful recording artist with 2 albums under her belt.

on october 28, she will release her third solo project, “bold! right! life!”… a fitting title as both her music and her life have grown to embody the essence of those three words.  she is a young woman who is living her live for the renown of christ and her new album is a bold statement of that.

most every artist has “career” songs.  you know, those songs that no matter how many songs or albums they record, they will always be known for those songs.  whether it be a “billie jean”, “i will always love you”, “control”, “why we sing”, “running back to you”, “stand” or “real love”… every career artist has at least one career song.

while both of her previous albums have had their share of great songs, i believe that kierra has finally delivered what will undoubtedly be a career song for her.

the song is “invisible” and it is amazing.  listen closely as she tells of her concern that we seem to be living our lives for our own glory and outshining the glory of christ, and hear her heart as she declares her desire to be invisible so that people would look at her, but see christ.

kierra sheard – “invisible”

“a total eclipse has just begun, we’ve blocked out the sun

can’t believe this is what we have come to

so you think that you’re a star, but the real star has some scars

on his hands and feet where the nails went through”

her new singles “praise him now” and “wont’ hold back” are available on itunes now, and “bold! right! life!” releases october 28.  make sure you get it!

love you, kiki!

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2 responses

19 10 2008

Little KiKi’s all grown up….and DOPE!!!!! Dude, when we gonna all get together again….wherever we go….I’ll be walking……. 🙂

1 11 2008
if it had not been productions

that cd is great i bought it wen the store first open thats how excited i was annd it is great

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