snap, crackle, pop! (a/k/a “i found scarlet’s daddy”)

23 10 2008

i found scarlet’s daddy, ya’ll!

ok, so… homey.  homey… playaaaaa… i love how you heard the chair snap (we all heard it) and tried to play it off like it didn’t happen.  you had a warning shot. so you think if you sit there longer, it’s gonna get better?  but naw… you all dignified and proper, right?  “blah blah blah the opportunity for proper engagement…” pop!  lol!!!

you and your girl scarlet should go on tour!

“whoaaaa… gravity, is working against me.  whoaaaa… gravity, wants to bring me down…”

yeeeeeah buddy! this video has blessed me today!




2 responses

23 10 2008

I have laughed myself HOARSE with this one.

16 11 2008

WHY did the reporter totally give him a Beyonce look to his Michelle Williams type situation? FOR REAL? Uh uh.

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