i’m singing

25 11 2008


kari’s jobe’s first single is now available on itunes!  co-written by kari with ed cash and chris tomlin, “i’m singing” is the beautiful first taste of her debut solo release which will hit on february 10.   pick it up today!



are you dippin’ on me?

22 11 2008

mcdonalds is the worst. first of all, as my friend aaron recently said, ‘it’s not even real food’. now this. mcdonald’s has long been the worst at pandering, er, “marketing” to the “cultural idiosyncrasies” of their consumer base.

“you got that mcnuggets lovin’…” wait, is this a ne-yo song? i don’t know whether to be offended, laugh, cry or what.

the only thing that’s worse than the ad itself is the fact that it will probably work. smh.


word to your grandmother

16 11 2008

wow! i guess you’re never too old for hip-hop… word to your grandmother.

kari jobe

11 11 2008

as i mentioned in my previous blog, i have started my own company.  that’s a long story, but the short version is… i have started my own company. 🙂

i am very excited to announce that one of my first clients is kari jobe, who i am now managing.  kari serves as worship pastor at gateway church in southlake, texas and has an incredible passion to lead people into the presence of God through worship.  kari’s new album will release february 10, 2009 and you’ll be hearing much more about her in the coming weeks and months.


you can hear her brand new single “i’m singing” on her website and also on her myspace. check it out!  for those of you who twitter, you can also follow her on her twitter.

i am currently back in dallas for a couple days of meetings with kari as we prepare for her cd release. tonight she led worship at a women’s event at covenant church in dallas… and it was incredible.  i stood there amazed as she and her band introduced the song “overcome” to these women, and i literally watched them go from generally not knowing the song to grasping the truth in it and pursue God with it… it was absolutely electric in that place tonight. so powerful…  everyone overcome!

catching up and being the middle…

11 11 2008

i know it’s been quite a little bit since i’ve actaully blogged something other than crazy youtube videos.  trust me when i tell you that it has not been for the lack of things to blog about.  my life is crazy and there is rarely ever a dull moment.  those of you who are close to me pretty much already know all this stuff, but for the sake of those on the fringes, let me give you the skinny on the goings on of the last few months on my life…

  • i resigned from my job with israel & new breed over 3 months ago.  i love israel and my season there was incredible, but sometimes you just know that it’s time to move to what’s next, even if you aren’t exactly sure what that may be.  i am thankful for the wisdom to know and the courage to step out when i had no idea what was next
  • after being in houston for 9 months, i knew it was not the place i wanted to plant my life.  so i left.
  • i left nashville close to 4 years ago to move to dallas and work with kirk, but moved back to nashville 12 days ago, and couldn’t be happier
  • i have started my own company… more on that soon.  🙂
  • there is more new music flying around than i know what to do with, but i am doing my best to keep up
  • my life has changed drastically in the last 4 years… 3 years… 2 years… year… 6 months… 2 months… if you blink, you might miss what’s going on right now
  • i am so overwhelmed at how God is faithful to deepen my life by the people that he brings into my life.  there are relationships i have today that are very purposeful and strategic from an eternal perspective that i didn’t necessarily have even a year ago
  • i have come to realize that as people of purpose, we will spend much more of our life in “the middle”… and “becoming” than we will actually “being”.  and that the journey defines us more than the destination
  • i love people.  file everything else under that…
  • i am blessed beyond anything i could have ever imagined… i am getting my life back, and running in the path that God has for me… there have been some really crazy and even rough times over the past 4 years… 3 years… 2 years… 6 months… 2 months… but i wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.  i am becoming… i’m in the middle, and i find comfort in knowing i am surrounded by so many who are working the middle in their life, too
  • word to your mother

are you ready?

8 11 2008

the change is coming… are you ready?