11 12 2008

it snowed big time in nashville tonight. it was awesome!  as i carefully made my way back from publix, i decided to do something i hadn’t done in many, many years… make a snowman!


yes, that is a cheese puff.  also, i know he’s a little cock-eyed, just pray for him.  God is a healer.




4 responses

11 12 2008

That snowman has no hope 😉 You better convince him to go to a plastic surgeon or something 😛

11 12 2008

oh my gosh….funny. he needs a stylist! is that a sock…what are his eyes? meatballs?!
the snow was so pretty tonight! fun that you made a little snowman. 😉

11 12 2008

LOL!!! Meatballs??? 🙂 Yes, that is a sock, but his eyes are actually pieces of dried Mangosteen from Trader Joe’s.

11 12 2008

that is adorable!! i wish i had made a snowman!

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