we can have the whole world singing tonight

12 12 2008

brandybrandy’s back.  i’ve missed her.

it good to hear her back and doing her thing, on the other side of a lot of life challenges.  she sounds alive on this record, and i love that.  she has crazy chemistry with rodney jerkins and it’s great to hear them making great music together again.

lastly, and perhaps even more importantly, i told someone the other day that it is good to hear an r&b record that isn’t about always being up in the club somewhere, sippin’ on patron, poppin’ tags, chasin’ paper and being a “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.”  i mean… seriously.  to have a great, quality r&b record that doesn’t clash with my personal values… well, that’s very rare and much appreciated.

do your thing, b rocka!

i would implore the powers that be at sony to consider “piano man” as the next single.  it is probably my favorite song on the album.  not only is it a banger, but it is a hit!

i have long believed that their success together made the names brandy and rodney “darkchild” jerkins arguably synonymous, and that she aided in defining his sound as much as he did hers.  this song is a perfect example of that theory.  turn it up and enjoy!

“play me a song about heartache, i promise i could sing every word
play me a song about love lost, ’cause that’s another one everyone’s heard
we can have the whole world singing tonight”

brandy – “piano man”




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