sounds of the season

23 12 2008

someone asked me today what my all time favorite christmas albums were.  i had to think about that for a minute, and i’m not sure i can say what my all time faves would be, but i can tell you what some of my current faves are.  here, in no particular order, are a few my favorite christmas albums.  all are worth your $10 or or so if you’re looking for good christmas music.


at the top of my list is israel & new breed‘s “timeless christmas” album.  released in ’06, this is probably my all-time favorite christmas album.   it is a musical tour-de-force and a masterpiece that can be (and should be) experienced all year long, not just during the holidays. “hark!” features 2nd chapter of acts alum matthew ward and well.. whoa!  turn it up!

israel & new breed “hark!” (featuring matthew west)


i blogged about her already last week, but i can’t do a favorite christmas music post without talking about mindy smith.  she is amazing and her “my holiday” album is stunning.  “away in a manger” features harmony bgvs by the one and only alison krauss, which is another reason to love this album.

mindy smith “away in a manger” (featuring alison krauss)


future of forestry are an alt-rock band out of southern california who weave emo-esque textures throughout rich musical arrangements with a unique sigur ros-ish feel, resulting in music whose beauty is its simplicity, but its depth is complex.  it should be experienced with candles and at high decibels.  their “advent christmas ep” was released last week and is the best $5 you could spend.

future of forestry “o holy night”


boyz ii men‘s “christmas interpretations” is one of my all time faves as well.  this christmas album captured the sound of early to mid 90’s r&b like no other.

boyz ii men “silent night”


the brian setzer orchestra‘s “christmas rocks” is a collection compiling material from a couple of their christmas releases.  it’s a rollicking, big band, swinging good time and makes me feel all good and christmas-y.

the brian setzer orchestra “let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!”


sarah mclachlan‘s voice is absolutely mesmerizing and her “wintersong” album is a work of art.  “christmastime is here” also features diana krall, another favorite of mine.

sarah mclachlan “christmastime is here” (featuring diana krall)


i was introduced to ohio-based husband and wife duo over the rhine a few years ago by my good friend matt, and i have been a fan ever since.  their “snow angels” album is a bit off the beaten path and has quickly become one of my favorites.

over the rhine “little town”

those are just a few of my christmas music favorites.  what are some of yours?




One response

24 12 2008

Boyz II Men’s “Why Christmas” jacks me up EVERY time. Everything on that record is excellent.

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