the essence of elegance

13 01 2009


heather headley is a tony award winning actress and grammy nominated recording artist.  at the same time, she has managed to slip under a lot of people’s radar. i am hoping that will change with the release of her first gospel project, “audience of one”.

if heather’s name is new to you, check out this video of her singing “the prayer” live with andrea bocelli in 2006.

ever the definition of class, heather headley delivers a gospel record in a fashion that is both distinguished and refined.  on her first gospel release, heather seems to have already perfected the art of balance that is often difficult to come by, even for many of the genre’s mainstays.  striking the perfect balance between reverent restraint and passionate praise, heather lets each song breathe and speak for itself, and speak they do.  heather headley’s “audience of one” is quite simply the essence of elegance.

heather headley “simply redeemed”

heather headley “jesus is love” (featuring smokie norful)

“audience of one” is available now.




2 responses

13 01 2009

Absolutely classy and elegant…and well-done!

To be honest, I thought I’d get sick of her voice cuz it’s SO elegant (elegant and gospel don’t always go together, though perhaps they should a bit more often)… but she’s SINGING on these tracks and I am remarkably refreshed by her approach and the songs. Heartfelt and sincere…

Thanks for putting me on, Grant!

24 01 2009

I love you Grant! Ok…maybe that was a bit strong…but I was losing faith in gospel music…and you have helped revive my faith! I think I will call you my musical shephard…LOL! Thanx for putting me on to this…for real! I’m buying it now!!!

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