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18 01 2009

a wonderful thing happened today. here’s the backstory…

november ’06… in my first black friday experience, i joined about 400 people and stood in line outside best buy in north dallas from 1am until they opened at 5am in a bid to get some killer deals at one of my favorite stores.  among the many bargains i scored was a westinghouse 42″ 720p lcd hd tv for just $999.  at the time, that was a huge deal, and i have enjoyed my nice big tv ever since.

fast forward to a few weeks ago and i was having a few minor issues with the tv that weren’t horrible, but somewhat of on inconvenience.  when i bought the tv, i payed $129 for their 4 year service and replacement plan, so i called best buy customer care to report the issue and ask about a repair.  they sent a tech to my house to inspect the tv, after which he said he would order a new main control board which should fix the problem.

well, this morning i got a call from best buy support informing me the part they were ordering was no longer available, so they would like to just replace the entire tv!!!!  wow!!!  talk about customer service!

i took the tv in tonight and they let me pick out what i wanted as a replacement and well, i made out like a freaking bandit!  in exchange for my 26 month old tv that i returned, i left best buy with a brand new lg 42″ 1080p (full hd) flat panel lcd hdtv!  score!!  the picture is incredible, and coupled with my blu-ray player, this thing is ridiculous!  talk about an upgrade!

i know the repair and protection plans get a bad wrap from a lot of people, and a lot of folks think they are a waste of money, but i’ll tell you what… i’m a believer!  and i’m also a very happy and satisfied best buy customer.

i love great customer service.  do you have any good (or bad) customer service stories?




3 responses

18 01 2009

Wow…man…that is awesome!!! I almost always refuse the extended protection plan…but you scored!

27 01 2009

I should have commented earlier on this. My apologies.

I live a life full of bad customer service stories. Bad customer service is, in fact, my greatest pet peeve of life. THE GREATEST.

The problem is that they always know they’ve got you right where they want you. And they hold your fate. If it’s an 800-number, they can hang up on you if they want… and you will have been on hold for 30 minutes for NOTHING. And if it’s in person, like at a restaurant, they’ll get you so ticked that you don’t even feel like eating… or you don’t TRUST the food that they’ve brought.

I’m not one of those people that makes it difficult. I just come to you for the service that you say you offer. I’m not a “customer is always right” person, either, cuz I know a lot of customers are jerkfaces. So, I don’t even try to come from that place. I am just as kind as I can possibly be UNTIL… then, it’s a big problem.

I need God’s grace.

And don’t even get me started on call centers in other countries that will remain nameless. First, your name is NOT really “Chandler” or “Ross” or “Rachel,” so you don’t have to do that for me. Second, you can’t just read from the script because I can guarantee that my issue is not one that your supervisors have prepared you for. Further, when I ask to speak to a supervisor, just transfer me on through… spare yourself the cussing out and transfer me. You don’t want it.

Good story, though, Grant… and I’m glad it turned out well for you.

*storming off to harass some undeserving store clerk*

30 01 2009

movie night @ your house next week??

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