11 02 2009

honestly, i don’t even really know what to title this blog.  it is 2:17 am, at the end of a very long day, and i am sitting on a tour bus in tulsa, oklahoma.  i should be sleeping, but i am actually wide awake right now, mostly because i’m so excited that i can’t sleep!

as quite a few of you know, i took a big step of faith last october when i knew the Lord was continually nudging to step out and start my own company.  long story short, i did.  on october 29, i started the point5ive agency and signed my first management client, kari jobe.  the very next day, october 30, i moved back to nashville and began pursuing what was in my heart to do.  since then, i have been blessed with a wonderfully diverse roster of clients who i work with on either a management or artist development level, all of which have come to me though relationships or referral. i have not had to go looking for one single client.  i am just so thankful for the Lord’s prompting and faithfulness… even in spite of my reluctance and “gideon complex”.

tuesday, february 10 saw the release of new albums from two artists i am managing… kari jobe and freddy rodriguez.

both are worship artists but that’s where the similarities stop.  kari’s approach to worship is reflective, earthy and intimate while freddy’s is an explosive multi-cultural expression, very similar to the spirit of israel & new breed’s “new season” days.  both artists and their albums are incredible in their own right and i am so very proud to be associated with both of them.

as i sit here, ready to end my day (my loooong day!), i am excited to share with you that both the kari jobe and freddy rodriguez new albums are sitting in the itunes top 10 christian albums chart!  kari is sitting at #1 (and #33 on the overall itunes chart) and freddy is at #9!


i am so proud of both these artists and what they are accomplishing for the kingdom and i couldn’t be more pleased to see the fruit of their efforts connect with and impact so many people.  and quite honestly, i have been working my butt off the past few months, weeks and days… so to also see the fruit of that is incredible.  i am truly humbled tonight that God would choose to use me in this capacity, to help these artists connect people worldwide to the heart of God… is… well… it’s just overwhelming.

those of you who know me well know that i won’t steer you wrong on good music.  and if i attach my name or the point5ive name to it, it’s going to deliver.  kari and freddy are no exception.   if you don’t have either freddy or kari’s new records, you don’t want to miss out!

holla back!




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11 02 2009

what were you doing before pursuing your own business? I am going toward a similiar direction to leave my job.

11 02 2009

What an AMAZING accomplishment….for you AND the artists….so proud of you, friend!!! The records are awesome…..can’t get enough!!

11 02 2009

God is good, and He is shinning bright through you. Proud to be part of the extended family with you and the 5 point….doh, i mean point5ive 🙂

12 02 2009
George Thomas

I downloaded the Freddy Rodriguez album yesterday, and I’m absolutely loving it! It’s SO GOOD! … and of course, Kari’s album is amazing 🙂 I’m really glad that you were obedient in taking a step of faith and launching this new venture … I’m genuinely excited for you and pray that God will continue to you and all that you do!

24 02 2009

“All hard work brings a profit”
 Proverbs 14 v23

You are great! I hope to work with you one day.

I love both of these artists. May God bless them and everyone that is working with them.

Blessings! Lilly

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