no mo captain crunch

27 02 2009

there really are no words i can offer that would adequately sum up what i feel about this… so just take it all in.

you’re welcome.




4 responses

4 03 2009

i love how the woman is hardly singing and when she does, she holds the mic far away. wow.

4 03 2009
Detrich Clariett

Just wanted you to know that the man (who is my father) passed a few months after making this. It had always been his dream to record music. He made that happen. The fact that you are making fun of it would have never bothered him. He is just happy people are listening to it. It is obviously bringing some sort of pleasure to you. Therefore, he would have been excited.
Thank you for posting this for others to enjoy!

6 03 2009

This is really something else. I’m not really sure what I can even say. I’m going back to cutting myself now…

9 03 2009
Mark Weber

The strangest, lamest, funniest, longest gospel song I’ve heard to date! 🙂

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