the mcnugget emergency

4 03 2009

by now, you’ve probably all heard about the crazy woman in florida who called 911 three times in a row because mcdonalds had run out of chicken mcnuggets and instead of refunding her money were offering her comparable-priced menu items that she did not want.  but, have you heard the 911 tape????

“my mcnuggets are an emergency!” lol!

check out the police report posted on   then check out this news piece from her local tv station.  ya’ll know me!  this kind of stuff makes my day!  🙂  enjoy.

this reminds me of the woman who called 911 a couple years ago because burger king kept getting her order wrong. that was classic!  “well, you’re supposed to be here to protect me”… “what are we protecting you from? a wrong cheeseburger? is it a harmful cheeseburger or something?”  hahahahahaha!  these people should form a task force. 🙂




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4 03 2009

That was WILD

4 03 2009

This idiot of a woman lives in my county and it’s been all over the news here. She made the round of 11 o’clock news here and it just made it that much better. Thought you might enjoy a clip of her on the news.

McNuggets emergency news interviewpageHTML

4 03 2009

you know what’s making me laugh right now? when i heard about this story, i KNEW you would blog about it!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!

oh, and she’s crazy.

5 03 2009

see, you can’t depend on the McNuggets — when in doubt, obey the Big Mac attack

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