where’s t-pain when you need him?

8 03 2009

i’ll be brief.  here’s the skinny… mary j. blige’s sister latonya is supposedly preparing to release a gospel album.  the first single has released and whooooooa bessie… apparently making a “joyful noise” unto the lord is much more a relative concept than i was aware.  i love me some mary j. and will readily admit that she’s not exactly the best singer herself,  but where i’ve got to give it up to mary is that no matter what she is singing, you feel her. i certainly feel this as well, but in a much, much different way.

latonya blige – “it’s coming (feat. mary j. blige)”

i’m not exactly sure what happened here, but it’s reeeeeeeeal special.  and i’m actually surprised that mary j. is actually singing on it!  more than that, i’m kind of shocked that mary would let her put herself out there like this.  then again, maybe they think it’s hot.  i appreciate mary’s verse, but dude… i mean, i love Jesus too and er’rything,  but, but…  the track is wack and this is just ………… and it all sounds about 15 years old to boot. (yes, “to boot”)

perhaps singing isn’t necessarily latonya’s bag… may i suggest a handbell praise album?  i’m going to need her to begin to operate in an auto-tune spirit expeditiously!   i’m just sayin’… i’m certainly not his biggest fan, but where’s t-pain when you need him?!?!  this is one gospel record i wouldn’t mind him jumping on.  stretch your hands and pray, saints… where’s my oil?

is it just me???

shout out to thafeedback.com for the 411.




3 responses

9 03 2009

It is soooooooooooooooo not just you. And, while you’re an absolute nut for the “handbell praise” bit, you couldn’t be more accurate.

I’ma link to you from GospelPundit.com on this… Yes, Latonya… I’m telling the saints on you and you’re in BIG trouble! LOL

10 03 2009

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! She sounds like Mary on Crack!!! That track sounds like a Pebbles(or sister whatever she calls herself now) throwaway from 1985…LOL!!!
And Mary must love her sister for real!

My ears may never recover!!

21 03 2009

umm…I was in a state of shock for a minute…then I realized the music was still playing…wow…tears came to my eyes…and these weren’t tears of joy…

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