megachurch commentary

12 06 2009

i love this commentary from king of the hill from the episode where the hills are trying to find a new church.

peggy: “maybe we should try the new megachuch.”

hank: “i don’t want to change churches.  besides, that place is too big.  what’s it got, 5000 some-odd members…”

peggy: “…and it pampers all of them!  they have their very own coffee shop, florist, mini-mart, bike and a dry cleaner that accepts all competitors coupons!”

hank: “if i wanted to go that route i could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus.”



when bad ideas happen to god’s people

15 09 2008

honestly, i don’t even know what commentary to offer here… except  what  the  heck  in  the  world?!?!?!

your honor, in the case of ‘the people vs. cheesiness in church’, and in an effort to further prove why everything you do in church should not be recorded, i would like to submit exhibit a…

… and why does it sound like they are “borrowing” from the groove of destiny’s child’s ‘bug a boo’?!?!  LOL!!!!!!



can’t breathe…


no, really…



**UPDATE 9/16/08 1:16pm** it appears that the person who uploaded the video onto youtube has removed it. why????  boooooo!  *sniff sniff*  we were having so much fun with it!!!!   i should have grabbed it when i thought about it earlier today. if anyone else saved it, please let me know!

**UPDATE 9/17/08 6:39pm** it’s BACK!!!

don’t stop hoeing

28 05 2008

there is a church on every other corner in nashville. when i lived there, i has the esteemed honor of driving 45 minutes each way out to the berry’s chapel church of christ to take this picture. it was a day i will never forget. this picture has provided many, many moments of spontaneous and uncontrollable laughter since i took it in 2004.
church sign

yes, it is real. poor, poor little church full of (what I presume to be) white people. i know what they meant to say, but they obviously didn’t realize the double meaning. i guess at this church they teach from the RJV… the rick james version. 😉

i recently came across crummy church signs, a blog dedicated to the “critical analysis of critically bad church signs”. i absolutely love it! i submitted my pic and they selected it for this week’s commentary contest. so, click on over and submit your caption/comment to my gloriously horrible church sign pic!