it’s not rocket science

31 12 2008

when i lived in dallas in 2007, i had a personal trainer and he was great.  i will never forget the simple wisdom that he continually reiterated to me regarding getting in shape and developing a healthier lifestyle…   “calories in vs. calories out.”

you can do all the low carb, low fat, high protein, no sugar, no this and all that diets all day… but when you get tired of depriving your body of things it really does need and the yo-yo results along the way, it all comes down to a balancing act between the calories you consume and the calories you burn.  there is no pill you can take, no surgery you can have and no special program you can join to change this irrefutable natural law that governs how our bodies respond to calories and our efforts to lose weight and change our body composition.

sounds revolutionary doesn’t it?  i have to wonder why that is.  “surely there is something more i should be able to do” is the thinking that sends us down the road of all sorts of extra efforts that steal our time, resources and focus.  why are we inclined to think that it surely takes more than what it really does?  surely the harder we try, the more it will work, right?

seems like it would be easier to just accept the simple truth and let that dictate our actions, delivering the results we want.  but more times than not we complicate it by all our extra efforts and end up frustrated in the process.  there is a huge spiritual parallel to be had here.  i’ll save that for a later blog, but if you’re sharp you’re already tracking with me.

in the meantime, as many of us set our sights on new goals in ’09, whether it be physical, financial, spiritual, etc… don’t over think it.  eat less, move more… spend less, save more… try less, receive more… simple truth yields real and lasting impact.

what bucks?

12 12 2008


i’m an iced venti sugar free vanilla two splenda americano, stirred.

what are you?

are you dippin’ on me?

22 11 2008

mcdonalds is the worst. first of all, as my friend aaron recently said, ‘it’s not even real food’. now this. mcdonald’s has long been the worst at pandering, er, “marketing” to the “cultural idiosyncrasies” of their consumer base.

“you got that mcnuggets lovin’…” wait, is this a ne-yo song? i don’t know whether to be offended, laugh, cry or what.

the only thing that’s worse than the ad itself is the fact that it will probably work. smh.


they’ve finally gone and done it..

3 06 2008

… forget gas prices! after years of scheming and plotting behind closed doors, the powers that be at the MARS company have finally gone and found a way to get me to pay $4.00 for a bag of M&M’s!

that’s right… M&M’s premiums.

the new additions to the M&M family are available in triple chocolate (sporting milk, dark and white chocolate layers), chocolate almond, mint, mocha and raspberry almond, which i selected on my visit to target tonight.

so… raspberry almond M&M premiums… “berry blissful raspberry raspberry flavored white chocolate & almond wrapped in dark chocolate”… translation: $4.00 for a 6oz bag of chocolate… and worth every single cent! i am such a sucker

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