megachurch commentary

12 06 2009

i love this commentary from king of the hill from the episode where the hills are trying to find a new church.

peggy: “maybe we should try the new megachuch.”

hank: “i don’t want to change churches.  besides, that place is too big.  what’s it got, 5000 some-odd members…”

peggy: “…and it pampers all of them!  they have their very own coffee shop, florist, mini-mart, bike and a dry cleaner that accepts all competitors coupons!”

hank: “if i wanted to go that route i could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus.”



lip syncing kid

12 03 2009

i love this video!

the mcnugget emergency

4 03 2009

by now, you’ve probably all heard about the crazy woman in florida who called 911 three times in a row because mcdonalds had run out of chicken mcnuggets and instead of refunding her money were offering her comparable-priced menu items that she did not want.  but, have you heard the 911 tape????

“my mcnuggets are an emergency!” lol!

check out the police report posted on   then check out this news piece from her local tv station.  ya’ll know me!  this kind of stuff makes my day!  🙂  enjoy.

this reminds me of the woman who called 911 a couple years ago because burger king kept getting her order wrong. that was classic!  “well, you’re supposed to be here to protect me”… “what are we protecting you from? a wrong cheeseburger? is it a harmful cheeseburger or something?”  hahahahahaha!  these people should form a task force. 🙂

no mo captain crunch

27 02 2009

there really are no words i can offer that would adequately sum up what i feel about this… so just take it all in.

you’re welcome.

public service announcement

23 12 2008

during this holiday season, when folks are hustling and bustling from store to store trying to find the perfect gifts and best bargains, i want to take this occasion to make this public service announcement…

for the record, there is no such thing as going to “wal-marts”, “targets”, “best buys”, etc. unless you are indeed going to more than one location of a particular establishment.  this also includes “krogers”, “sonics” or any other proper noun whose name does not already either end with an “s” or another letter making a “s” sound (see “publix”) .

establishments such as “wendys”, “papa johns” or “kohls” are, in fact, exempt from this rule by default due to the correct spelling and use of their name.

additionally, use of “wal-marts”, “targets”, “best buys”, etc. will only be acceptable when preceded by the corresponding number of locations of said establishment which you either did or intend to visit.  for example, “i’m going to wal-marts to get some kettle corn” would be incorrect, while “i went to 5 targets and they were all sold out of wii nunchucks” would be correct.

remember: friends don’t let friends be country.

thank you and amen.

please. stop. immediately.

16 12 2008

i’m not going to lie.. beyonce’s little “single ladies” joint is a hot number, and the video is bangin.

h o w e v e r

all this knock-off/parody/interpretation business has got to stop immediately!

yes, the snl skit with justin timberlake was very funny.

and though somewhat disturbing, i could even deal with shane mercado’s take, which has earned him more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame.

but this… this is too much.  ladies and gentlemen, a line has been crossed.

before you watch it again to see if you saw what you think you saw, let me spare you… the answer is yes… you saw exactly what you think you saw.

from this moment forward, i am officially declaring a moratorium on all further parodies/interpretations of beyonce’s video, across the world and throughout the universe with all perpetuity.

please.  stop.  immediately.

cease and disest!

word to your grandmother

16 11 2008

wow! i guess you’re never too old for hip-hop… word to your grandmother.