yo joe!

31 01 2009


i used to be the biggest g.i. joe fan.  i don’t remember when it all started, but growing up i was all about the entire g.i. joe franchise… the toys, the comic books, the tv show… all of it.  i had all the action figures, vehicles and accessories… all the comic books… i kept all the file cards in a box… you name it.  i was really into transformers as well, but i was definitely much more of a g.i. joe fanatic.  i actually went to great lengths to avow my allegiance to the “real american hero”, but i’ll save those stories for another time. 🙂

first there was the live action transformers film and now g.i. joe fever is heating up around the world as the countdown is on to the august 7, 2009 release of the g.i. joe: the rise of cobra live action film!  this probably makes me somewhat a geek, but i am so excited!!   i’m also excited that during a 6 week span this summer both the g.i. joe film and transformers 2: revenge of the fallen (6.26.09!!!) hit theaters!  i know… geek. 🙂

the film is being directed by stephen sommers (director of the mummy) and among the characters that will be appearing in the film are duke, scarlett, snake eyes (!), storm shadow (!!), cobra commander, destro, the baroness, zartan (can’t wait to see that!), hawk and heavy duty.  word on the street is that there are already plans for at least two sequels, as well.  some of the first character posters from the movie set have just hit the net… and wow, i am such a nerd.  haha!  here they are…

channing tatum as duke

channing tatum as duke

sienna miller as the baroness

sienna miller as the baroness

ray park as snake eyes

ray park as snake eyes

byung-hun lee as storm shadow

byung-hun lee as storm shadow

rachel nichols as scarlett

rachel nichols as scarlett

marlon wayans as ripcord

marlon wayans as ripcord


slumdog millionaire

16 12 2008

i really, really want to see this movie.

it looks incredible, not to mention they used music from one of my favorite bands, the great sigur ros, in the trailer.

have you seen it?

seven pounds

1 10 2008

this christmas, academy award® nominee will smith stars in the drama “seven pounds,” re-teaming with the director and producers of “the pursuit of happyness” for the emotional story of a man who will change the lives of seven strangers.

the title “seven pounds” refers to the weight of the human heart. it features will smith as a guilt-ridden irs agent who helps seven strangers while trying to redeem his own sordid past.

“seven pounds” hits theaters december 19 and also stars rosario dawson, michael ealy and woody harrelson.

can’t wait to see this one! looks like another winner!

how does it end????

15 09 2008

i went to see burn after reading today, and loved it!  brad pitt, tilda swinson, george clooney, john malkovich… great cast, hilarious story, a dark comedy but i laughed out loud several times.  but here’s what happened…

about an hour and a half in to the film i had to pee soooo bad!  the movie kept building, crazy stuff kept happening and there was no clear lull in the action where i could slip out to take care of business. so there i sat, doing the seated pee pee dance for about 20 minutes.  finally, it got to the point where staying was no longer an option.  there was suddenly a brief moment where it seemed like the action had momentarily subsided. so i dipped out, trying in vain to be as quiet as possible as my flip flops not-so-quietly made their presence known with every step.

i was gone all of about two minutes, hurried back into the theater only to hear the last couple of words and see the credits begin to roll.  i was pissed!  had i known i would have held it and continued to do the pee pee dance in my seat!!!!

i tried to explain my plight to the first person leaving the theater, asking, ‘dude, i missed the ending! how did it end?”, to which this guy looks at me, flashes a mercy smile and says “yeah” as he keeps walking.  ooooh forget it!!!!

how does it end?!?!?!?

the dark knight

24 07 2008

i went to see the dark knight a couple nights ago and whoa… it was bangin’!  i had heard all the hype and hoped that it would live up to what everyone was saying, and it more than did.  i was actually surprised that it was able to keep me completely engaged for the entire 152 minutes.

christian bale was a great batman but it was certainly heath ledger who stole the show.  his interpretation of the joker character was so diabolical, so sweetly twisted and disturbed that it gave me chills a few times throughout the film.  great story, great cast… i will probably see this again.  there was even a distinct spiritual thread that seemed to run throughout the themes of the film as well.  i’ll keep tossing it around for awhile and may write about it soon.

apparently folks can’t get enough of the dark knight.  in the first 5 days it earned $203.8 million, which nearly matched the entire run of its predecessor.  with all kinds of momentum working in its favor, it earned  $25 million this monday and another $21 million on tuesday… that’s more than some movies gross… ever!

roger ebert wrote a killer review of the film, and you should check it out.

what did you think of the dark knight?

the happening

31 05 2008

i am a big fan of pretty much all of m. night shyamalan’s work. from the sixth sense to signs and the village… i just really dig his stuff. signs rocked my world. loved it. although i’m still not really sure what it’s about, i also enjoyed the lady in the water and own a copy on dvd.

his new film, the happening, is releasing june 13 and i’m pretty excited. i don’t do horror films at all, but i love a good suspense or psychological thriller, which is what this apparently promises to be. i love the way shyamalan tells stories. all of his films have a deeper theme that you have to dig past the surface storyline to get to. love it.

i love people

12 05 2008

i am a people dude. i absolutely love people, love engaging people in meaningful discussion, love learning people’s stories, etc. as such, i also love movies about people… people’s struggles, people’s lives, the fight to overcome obstacles and the passion to live in spite of what life throws at them.

one of my favorite recent movies is lars and the real girl.

the film stars ryan gosling as lars lindstrom, “a lovable introvert whose emotional baggage has kept him from fully embracing life.” lars has a delusion which is causing him to believe that his new “friend” whom he met online is real, when in fact she is a life-sized doll. what follows is an emotional, and quite funny, journey for lars and everyone around him as everyone in his life commits to going along with it in an effort to help lars get better. it is a powerful portrayal of the power of relationships in our lives.

i saw it twice in dallas last fall when it was in limited release and loved it! it is on dvd now and i recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. it’s quirky and fun, but most of all it just might challenge you to take a look at the people in your life and find creative ways to serve them right where they are.

has anyone else seen it?