the rose

19 06 2009

this is so powerful.


got religion?

8 03 2009

i know these are a couple years old, but i just stumbled across them this afternoon.  funny, but interesting takes on being religious from a series of videos about “connecting with God without being religious”.  in my life, i’ve seen more division, strife and pride produced in the name of “religion” than anything.  ick.  i have yet to see where religion of any kind produces grace, and probably never will.  i dig these and can relate to them all.  you?  holla.

file under: you’ve got to be kidding me

7 10 2008

oh lord, I don’t even know where to start with this one.

just in case you may have been under a rock and are unaware of the absolute circus that was the $1.2 million 2003 wedding, media frenzy, 2007 separation and subsequent divorce of “bishop” thomas weeks and “prophetess” juanita bynum earlier this year… first of all, good for you!  for those of us who were subjected to watch all the nonsense play out on both sides, i believe both parties owe us all a big apology for the way they allowed the drama of their personal lives to be presented as they both milked the situation for all it was worth.  but i’m not here to talk about that, so i digress.

fast forward to now and the good “bishop” and “pastor”, having been divorced for 4 months, has taken to the internet to find his next, and third, wife via a “reality” show called “the holy hook-up” where he endeavors to find “who will be the next mrs. weeks?”  … you’ve got to be kidding me?!?! yet more publicity and exposure resulting from something that everyone wishes would just go away!  i hope this thing does not materialize because i can smell a hot mess a mile away, and this one reeks! i’m talking “hot mess” with a capital “what the hell?!?!”

there is so much (soooooooooo much!) commentary i could offer about this, but instead i will just post this video.

watching this, and laughing until i cry… i don’t know what’s funnier… the fact that this dude is actually doing this foolishness, the hilarious commentary from “lady d” or the fact that she is “taping” her show at work (see her look at her desk phone when it rings at 7:09) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      tears….  really!

dare I ask where is the gospel in all this foolishness?  ummm… “pastor”… where is christ being preached as you scour the globe for a sensual woman of drinking age to be your third wife?!

wait… did she just say that “people might want to see a video” of her naked???  who are these people???  what people?!?!?! too much!!!!!

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