A New Day, A New Blog: An Idol Heart

25 03 2010


I have started blogging again, but have changed addresses.  I am now blogging at AnIdolHeart.com.  There has been, and continues to be, a lot of life change for me, and this new blog is where I will be talking a lot about it.  There will be no more updates to The Gideon Chronicles, so please join me at AnIdolHeart.com.

If you had previously bookmarked or listed me in your blog roll, would you please be so kind to update the listing to AnIdolHeart.com?  Thanks!

See you soon!


i’m a doer, who are you?

11 12 2008

got this from my brother from another mother brewster.  if you are a blogger, you must check this out.  typealyzer will analyze your blog based on your writing style, and i guess the words you use a lot or something to that effect.  here’s how it actually works.  it’s pretty cool.

they do give the disclaimer that the writing style on a blog may have little or nothing to do with a person’s actual or self-perceived personality.  fair enough… but here is what it had to say about me based solely on my blog…


wow.  i’d have to say that apart from the whole “engaging in outdoor activities” thing… it’s remarkably accurate.  oh yes, as well the thing about “they might have a problem… remaining inactive for any period of time.”  i’m working on that, and have been making great strides in my efforts to remain inactive for increasingly long periods of time. 🙂

also interesting is typealyzer’s analysis of what part of my brain it suggessts is most active when i write.  i found this to be very interesting…


it does not surprise me that it places me somewhere right in the middle of “feeler” and “thinker”, but i was surprised that it placed me more on the “practical/logical” side than the “intuitive/feeling” side.  when i think about it, i guess it makes sense… which i suppose somewhat justifies their “practical/logical” estimation.  dang it!  😉

shall we be grateful

31 07 2008

check out the brand new single, “shall we be grateful”, from denmark electro-rock outfit carpark north. killer stuff.  feel it in your toes!

buy the single

check their myspace

new album “everybody runs” out in september.

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beauty in action

29 07 2008

i know this video has made the rounds online, but it cracks me up everytime i see it.  ladies and gentlemen, from the miss teen usa 2007 competition, i bring you miss south carolina…

seriously… what the hell did she just say????


28 07 2008

found this today on kyle’s blog.  thought i’d share it.

“impatience is a form of unbelief. it’s what we begin to feel when we start to doubt the wisdom of God’s timing or the goodness of his guidance…the opposite of impatience is not a glib, superficial denial of frustration. the opposite of impatience is a deepening, ripening, peaceful willingness either to wait for God where you are in the place of obedience, or to persevere at the pace he allows on the road of obedience – to wait in his place, or to go at his pace.” —john piper

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born into the 90s

27 07 2008

i may have been born in 1975, but i am without a doubt a child of the 90’s… music, that is.  i have been such a music head for the longest time, but in 1990, i was a freshmen in high school and was really starting to find my groove, so to speak.  it was about this time that music began playing a more significant role in my life and i started to feel like music would be more than just a hobby for me.

i am watching vh-1’s 100 greatest songs of the 90s and it is taking me on an incredible trip down memory lane.  sure, every decade has its classic signature songs, sounds and artists, but the 90s were so definitive for me, personally.  so many of these songs provided the soundtrack for memory after memory for me throughout the entire decade.

you can check out the list of all 100 songs here and watch most of the 100 videos here… and what a list it is.  the 90s gave us everything from mariah carey, the cranberries, arrested development, radiohead and jamiroquai to jay-z, alice in chains, bell biv devoe and goo goo dolls.  it gave us unforgettable songs about creeps, g thangs, sandmen, genies in bottles, waterfalls and big butts.  it gave us career defining songs from iconic artists such as ll cool j, whitney houston, u2, pearl jam, notorious b.i.g., lenny kravitz and celine dion.  seattle, atlanta, houston and long beach exploded as the musical hotbeds known for cranking out the hits.  it gave us grunge, g-funk, the return of the r&b girl group, the boy band explosion and was the decade when hip hip broke through to the mainstream and ultimately became the mainstream. no diggity.

who can forget publicly despising but secretly loving “mmmbop”, being mesmerized by lauryn hill’s (with the fugees) haunting take on “killing me softly”, doing “the humpty dance” at high school dances, thinking that hootie was the name of the black guy who sang lead for the blowfish or saying that you were “too sexy” for just about anything?

the only complaint i have is that janet jackson’s “that’s the way love goes” was suspiciously absent from the countdown.  i don’t know if someone at vh-1 was sippin’ haterade when they did the list or what, but not only is that janet’s best song ever (imo), it was a huge hit and came at the height of her success during the janet. (1993) era.  while she still had some spotty hits after that, she never again hit like she did from 93-96. ever. but i digress…

i must also call into question the glaring omission of warren g’s “regulate” and “i wanna be down” by brandy.  both big crossover hits, but mysteriously missing from the list of the 100 greatest songs of the 90s.  likewise, love him or hate him, the 90s gave us r. kelly, and both his first pop crossover hit “bump and grind” and international smash “i believe i can fly” are noticably absent. oh well…

the boys from nelson (of “(cant live without your) love and affection” fame) kept popping up and contributing their two-cents throughout the show and i couldn’t help but wonder which one of them actually looks more like ellen degeneres…

did anyone know that kevin thornton (formerly of color me badd) actually has a gospel cd?  of course you didn’t, and it was probably better that way.

oh yeah, and i miss new jack swing like nobody’s business!

what are your favorite songs from the 90s?

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too connected?

8 05 2008

i blog (and blog again), i twitter and i skype

i have a myspace, facebook and a linkedin profile

i text chronically (according to sprint.com i have used 1,828 text messages in the billing period since april 10)

i use blackberry messenger and any number of instant messengers (ichat, aim, gtalk, msn live… you name it) … btw, if you use all those, you need to know about adium. word.

if i am away from my computer and you send me an im, i will get a text message.

if i am not blogging, i am possibly catching up on any one of the nearly 40+ blogs that i subscribe to and read daily…

there are 1,686 contacts in my entourage and blackberry address books.

in addition to my own frenetic social network melange, i manage facebook, myspace, virb, xanga, twitter and various other pages/properties as part of my job…

if i am not skyping, texting, im’ing, twittering, myspacing, facebooking, bbmsgr’ing or anything else… i am probably on the phone. according to sprint.com, i have used 2865 minutes since april 10.

my homey daniel thinks i am too connected. is it possible to be too connected?