A New Day, A New Blog: An Idol Heart

25 03 2010


I have started blogging again, but have changed addresses.  I am now blogging at AnIdolHeart.com.  There has been, and continues to be, a lot of life change for me, and this new blog is where I will be talking a lot about it.  There will be no more updates to The Gideon Chronicles, so please join me at AnIdolHeart.com.

If you had previously bookmarked or listed me in your blog roll, would you please be so kind to update the listing to AnIdolHeart.com?  Thanks!

See you soon!


megachurch commentary

12 06 2009

i love this commentary from king of the hill from the episode where the hills are trying to find a new church.

peggy: “maybe we should try the new megachuch.”

hank: “i don’t want to change churches.  besides, that place is too big.  what’s it got, 5000 some-odd members…”

peggy: “…and it pampers all of them!  they have their very own coffee shop, florist, mini-mart, bike and a dry cleaner that accepts all competitors coupons!”

hank: “if i wanted to go that route i could just walk around the mall and think about Jesus.”


love lockdown

11 09 2008

a lot of folks hate on kanye west because he is so freaking arrogant, and i’ll give them that… he is incredibly freaking arrogant. but the dude is amazing.  he is one of the most progressive, creative and innovative artists in the game… in any genre!  well, ladies and gentlemen, kanye west has raised the bar and flipped the script once again.

after a steady string of innovative hits and ridiculously addictive jams like “jesus walks”, “gold digger” and “stronger”, most would expect mr. west to emerge with yet another blazing musical expedition that would blow minds and move booties everywhere it’s heard.

but instead of butts, this time around it sounds like he is aiming to move minds and challenge his listeners with… *gasp* change!  change is amazing.  change is vital.  if you’re going to stay on top of your game, remain relevant, and be effective in whatever it is you do, you must accept, embrace and be an agent of change.  my homey brewster just wrote a killer blog about change that you should go read right now!

so, instead of putting out the the next club banger, ‘ye has pulled a janet jackson/that’s-the-way-love-goes on ’em and dropped something that no one was expecting… and it’s crazy hot.

“love lockdown” is the new single from kanye’s new album, reportedly titled “808s and heartbreak”, which is due by the end of the year.  he performed it at the vmas this week (one of the only 2 memorable moments in an otherwise lackluster show) and the performance was great.  it’s not what anyone was expecting from him. it is surprisingly and refreshingly low key and subdued compared to many of his other more hyper-edged material.  it sounds like what’s next.  it sounds like innovation.  it’s strength is it’s simplicity.  it sounds like change… and it’s about to be everywhere.

kanye west “love lockdown”

the happening

31 05 2008

i am a big fan of pretty much all of m. night shyamalan’s work. from the sixth sense to signs and the village… i just really dig his stuff. signs rocked my world. loved it. although i’m still not really sure what it’s about, i also enjoyed the lady in the water and own a copy on dvd.

his new film, the happening, is releasing june 13 and i’m pretty excited. i don’t do horror films at all, but i love a good suspense or psychological thriller, which is what this apparently promises to be. i love the way shyamalan tells stories. all of his films have a deeper theme that you have to dig past the surface storyline to get to. love it.


27 05 2008


the new usher album “here i stand” released today and wow… yawn. it sounds like he took too much time off after confessions and rushed to get this out. and let’s not even discuss his weak performances on snl a couple weeks ago. i’m sure it will sell because after all, it is usher. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a hater. but i’m also not going to blow something up if it’s wack. and the new record, in my opinion, is indeed tired and wack.



9 05 2008

duffy is so freaking great… the uk is eating her up and her “rockferry” album will finally hit here in the states in just a few days on may 13. pretty much everyone i have played her music for just about flips out over it and usually asks the same two questions… “who is this and where can i get it?!”.

warwick avenue is her new uk single… the song is great and the video is so killing… so simple… so so fly. this is an example of when great songs and great artists collide. feel it.

check her out on myspace and at iamduffy.com

becoming a better citizen of the blogsphere

8 05 2008

i’ve been actually blogging for close to 5 years. from xanga to myspace to wordpress… blogging for me has been a series of one great mind dump experiment after another. i’ve enjoyed it, but i’m not sure how good i’ve actually been at it. as i am always seeking to become ‘better’ in general, i am working toward being a better blogger and becoming more involved in the blogsphere as a whole.

if you’re in the same boat and desire to become a better blog citizen, here are a few resources i’m tapping into that may be of use to you, too.

chances are if you are reading this, you are likely to be a blogger. what are some of the things you have learned about the blogging world through your experiences? how have your blogging chops gotten better? and what are some of the resources that have helped you develop your blog into more of an interactive community?