u2’s boots just got sexier

4 04 2009


u2 has become widely synonymous with ‘justice’ (as in: just behavior or treatment), largely through the extensive work of frontman bono for the world’s impoverished, downtrodden and forgotten through vehicles such as the red campaign.

however, never have u2 and justice (as in: the uber-cool french electronic music duo) collided in this manner… and it’s deliciously ridiculous… or perhaps it’s ridiculously delicious.

this should be played at high volumes, preferably in an area where you are free to flail and cavort about or otherwise get your groove on extemporaneously.  i don’t know where you can buy this yes, but hopefully it will be commercially available somewhere very very soon.

u2 – get on your boots (justice remix)

mad, mad props to stereogum!


when bad ideas happen to god’s people

15 09 2008

honestly, i don’t even know what commentary to offer here… except  what  the  heck  in  the  world?!?!?!

your honor, in the case of ‘the people vs. cheesiness in church’, and in an effort to further prove why everything you do in church should not be recorded, i would like to submit exhibit a…

… and why does it sound like they are “borrowing” from the groove of destiny’s child’s ‘bug a boo’?!?!  LOL!!!!!!



can’t breathe…


no, really…



**UPDATE 9/16/08 1:16pm** it appears that the person who uploaded the video onto youtube has removed it. why????  boooooo!  *sniff sniff*  we were having so much fun with it!!!!   i should have grabbed it when i thought about it earlier today. if anyone else saved it, please let me know!

**UPDATE 9/17/08 6:39pm** it’s BACK!!!

the hawtness

17 07 2008

one of the dopest songs this summer is chris brown’s “forever”.  I freaking love this freaking joint!  freak!  =)

check out this clip from last night’s sytycd as dave scott put together a blazing routine to “forever” for comfort and twitch…

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