God does not belong to republicans

12 08 2008

rarely ever do i post anything of a political nature.  i’m not as well versed in the area of politics as i would like to be or as some of my friends are, so i typically don’t offer my thoughts when it comes to things of a political nature.  however, i couldn’t let this one get by.

yesterday, focus on the family action (a politically-focused group who claims to be “completely separate from the dr. james dobson-led focus on the family, legally”) removed a video from its website in which people were encouraged to “pray for rain of biblical proportions” during barak obama’s aug 28 speech at mile high stadium, when he will accept the democratic nomination for president.

stuart shepard, director of digital media at focus action, has said the video he wrote and starred in was meant to be “mildly humorous.”  in the video, shepard says he is “praying for unexpected, unanticipated, unforecasted rain that starts two minutes before the speech is set to begin”.  and why is shepard taking to the internet encouraging the masses “who feel like I do” to beseech the heavens for such a precipitous out pour?  because he’s “still pro life” and is “still in favor of marriage being only between one man and one woman.”  after several complaints from their own support base, the video was removed.

regardless of your party affiliation and who you plan on voting for, this was pure ignorance on display.  believe what you want to believe, but many of us would prefer that you keep these particular public displays of idiocy (not to mention erroneous biblical context) quarantined away behind closed doors.  perhaps shepard should have sought counsel, consulted the word of God and “trusted in His wisdom” before he made this video encouraging people to pray for misfortune to befall someone whom he deems to be the enemy.

this is just another unfortunate example of the foolish belief espoused by many that God loves republicans… exclusively.  no, that’s not what they said, but it’s what they meant.

guess what… God is not a man, God is not a white man, not even american, and God does not belong to republicans.

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