friday throwback: connected

13 03 2009

this was the jam back in the day!  it’s actually on a couple of my ipod mixes now.  this is definitely one of my go-to jams from the early 90’s.

gonna get myself / gonna get myself / gonna get myself connected

and for those of you who want some sort of devotional thought to go along with today’s friday throwback…


in john 15:5… (right!)…

Jesus said… (c’mon talk about it!)…

“i am the vine…” (yeah he did!)

“you are the branches…” (alright now!)…

“if a man remains in me and i in him…” (make it plain, make it plain!)…

“he will bear much fruit” (you’re talkin’ right preacher!)…

“apart from me…” (well!)…

“you can do nothing!” (nothing!)

somebody touch your neighbor and say, “neighbor!” (neighbor!)

get yourself connected! (get yourself connected!)


happy friday everybody!

(ps – sorry for the weird ‘new world order’ tag at the front and annoying ‘subscribe’ button on the screen. this was the only version i could find that i would embed in the blog.)


friday throwback

27 02 2009

i used to be a pretty big janet jackson fan.  i’ve been on board since 1986’s monster control album and still count her 1993 janet. record as one of my favorite albums ever, with “that’s the way love goes” easily being in my personal all time top 10 favorite songs.

i still dig pretty much everything pre-2003 or so, though I don’t think she’s made a solid record since 2001’s all for you.  it is my firm belief that once jermaine dupri’s influence entered into the picture, it all started to go down hill and has continued to get progressively worse over her past 3 album releases.  there was a chemistry between janet and long-time friends and musical collaborators jimmy jam and terry lewis that dupri was never able to come close to… ever.

so, i was quite happy at recent news that after 2 consecutive big time album flops and as many subsequent much-publicized major-label departures accompanied by much finger-pointing, janet is reuniting with jam & lewis for a new album, though who knows when and where it will be released.  it was so interesting to me that after both 20 y.o. and discipline flopped, janet and dupri were quick to blame the labels (virgin and island def jam, respectively) for “disappointing performance” and “lack of promotion”.  really?  i mean, seriously?  lack of promotion for a janet record?  from 2 different labels?  what are the odds?  how about a lack of creativity and good songs?  by historical janet jackson standards, both of those albums were wack and aside from her rabid, core fans, folks weren’t having it.  discipline would have been an ok ciara record, but janet?  trust me, having worked in the industry and at a label, i don’t care how much money you throw at promotion, if it’s wack, it won’t move.  or, as i’ve often heard, ‘you can’t polish a turd’… hahaha.  my hope remains.  🙂

but i digress…  today’s friday throwback is from happier times when the jackson/jam/lewis hit machine was in full effect and janet was riding high on the success of 1989’s “janet jackson’s rhythm nation 1814”, which i will admit to being quite obsessed over at the time. that album became the only album in history to contain seven top five hit singles (6 of which were certified gold, one platinum) and the only album to ever achieve number one hit singles in three separate calendar years (1989-1991), two records that still stand to this day.  in a time when artists are putting out 2 and sometimes 3 singles before their album even releases, that stat is extremely impressive.


anyhoo… “i hope we can find the time this weekend to relax and unwind… come on baby, let’s get away/let’s save our troubles for another day”…  this video is from 1990… almost 20 years ago… w o w!  i love this song.  happy friday. 🙂

yo joe!

31 01 2009


i used to be the biggest g.i. joe fan.  i don’t remember when it all started, but growing up i was all about the entire g.i. joe franchise… the toys, the comic books, the tv show… all of it.  i had all the action figures, vehicles and accessories… all the comic books… i kept all the file cards in a box… you name it.  i was really into transformers as well, but i was definitely much more of a g.i. joe fanatic.  i actually went to great lengths to avow my allegiance to the “real american hero”, but i’ll save those stories for another time. 🙂

first there was the live action transformers film and now g.i. joe fever is heating up around the world as the countdown is on to the august 7, 2009 release of the g.i. joe: the rise of cobra live action film!  this probably makes me somewhat a geek, but i am so excited!!   i’m also excited that during a 6 week span this summer both the g.i. joe film and transformers 2: revenge of the fallen (6.26.09!!!) hit theaters!  i know… geek. 🙂

the film is being directed by stephen sommers (director of the mummy) and among the characters that will be appearing in the film are duke, scarlett, snake eyes (!), storm shadow (!!), cobra commander, destro, the baroness, zartan (can’t wait to see that!), hawk and heavy duty.  word on the street is that there are already plans for at least two sequels, as well.  some of the first character posters from the movie set have just hit the net… and wow, i am such a nerd.  haha!  here they are…

channing tatum as duke

channing tatum as duke

sienna miller as the baroness

sienna miller as the baroness

ray park as snake eyes

ray park as snake eyes

byung-hun lee as storm shadow

byung-hun lee as storm shadow

rachel nichols as scarlett

rachel nichols as scarlett

marlon wayans as ripcord

marlon wayans as ripcord

in case you missed it ’08

7 01 2009

i’m pretty much what you’d call a music head. i listen to music of all kinds, genres, styles, etc.  i love music in the way that some people love food, cars or pets.

there are few things i enjoy more than turning folks on to new songs, artists, sounds and albums.   if you ride in my truck, chances are i’ll be playing you some new song or new artist that you’ve never heard before.

as a result, i make a lot of play lists and mixes, all part of my never ending quest to create the perfect play list and rock my friends’ worlds with new tunes!

so rather than a ‘best of ’08’, i just finished compiling a new mix called “in case you missed it ’08“… 20 tracks consisting of songs and artists that might have flown under your rader last year, but shouldn’t have.  here’s the rundown…


any of these new to you?  consider yourself hipped and add them to your stash today!

what were you listening to in ’08?

ladies and gentlemen… ryan edgar

3 01 2009


ryan edgar. remember that name.

not only is ryan my co-star on the world famous  “ryan and grant show” on the net (don’t sleep), but my homey is also a killer singer, songwriter and musician in his own right and also, yes… my client.

check out this dope “raw session” acoustic cover of kanye’s “love lockdown” joint he recently did.

you can check ryan on myspace, facebook and twitter.

you can snag his current record, “the ryan edgar project”, at itunes now.  ryan is currently writing for his new record, which he’ll go in the studio to record sometime in the next few months.  remember the name… you’ll be hearing a lot more of it.

party like it’s 2009

2 01 2009


prince is a baaaaaaaad somebody.

2008 marks the 30 year anniversary of prince’s first album release.  30 years, people.

you would be hard pressed to name any other artist who has single handedly changed the game, across the board, to the degree that prince has.  all artists experience their share of career highs and lows, but there are so many notable peaks in prince’s storied career that his impact and influence on pop culture is undeniable.  as a musician, songwriter, performer, innovator, you name it… he is ever evolving and revealing new facets of his artistry in ways that are consistently ahead of his time.  he is in a class by himself.  always has been, always will be.  sure, he’s eccentric (code for “weird”), but he has continually pressed the envelope and challenged the status quo with such brazen swagger that quite simply, no one can touch him.

i’ve actually been a prince fan since 1984, during the height of the purple rain era.  yes, i was only 9 but i had never heard any music like that before.  the rest is history.  i will never forget thursday, may 6, 2004.  i got a call from a friend who had purchased a ticket to prince’s musicology tour stop in nashville that night but had to go out of town for business unexpectedly at the last minute.  she only had one ticket, but gave it to me… so i went to the concert by myself, and had a blast!

in the past few days, news has leaked that prince is poised to crash hard into 2009.  what rolling stone recently scooped as one new album was just this week revealed to la times’ writer ann powers to be no less than three new albums.  that’s right, not one, not two, but three new albums this year… two bearing the title “mplsound” and one “lotus flower”.  reportedly, he is in final negotiations with a major retailer for the physical release of the new music.  check ann’s blog for details.

two weeks ago, in keeping with his new mantra “the gatekeepers must change”, prince side stepped the power players and premiered 4 brand new songs on los angeles’ indie 103 radio.  the new songs “4ever”, “colonized mind”, “wall of berlin” and “crimson & clover” are now floating around cyberspace and sending prince fans worldwide into a frenzy.  sure, he’s notorious for fiercely fighting for copyright protection, but he’s no fool… he knows exactly what he’s doing.

prince’s career is nothing short of iconic.  always the innovator, expect to see some very outside the box things from him this year… and i can’t wait!

slumdog millionaire

16 12 2008

i really, really want to see this movie.

it looks incredible, not to mention they used music from one of my favorite bands, the great sigur ros, in the trailer.

have you seen it?