in case you missed it ’08

7 01 2009

i’m pretty much what you’d call a music head. i listen to music of all kinds, genres, styles, etc.  i love music in the way that some people love food, cars or pets.

there are few things i enjoy more than turning folks on to new songs, artists, sounds and albums.   if you ride in my truck, chances are i’ll be playing you some new song or new artist that you’ve never heard before.

as a result, i make a lot of play lists and mixes, all part of my never ending quest to create the perfect play list and rock my friends’ worlds with new tunes!

so rather than a ‘best of ’08’, i just finished compiling a new mix called “in case you missed it ’08“… 20 tracks consisting of songs and artists that might have flown under your rader last year, but shouldn’t have.  here’s the rundown…


any of these new to you?  consider yourself hipped and add them to your stash today!

what were you listening to in ’08?


new jon mclaughlin

19 09 2008

i’m a big fan of jon mclaughlin. he is one of the few artists whose music caught me off guard right off the bat and made me an instant fan.  his major label debut, indiana, was a killer album with great songs, and i saw him live at the house of blues in dallas when he toured in ’07. he is a great live performer as well.

now, he is preparing to release his new album, ok now, on october 7. new look, new music, new sound… and i’m digging it.  the first single from the album is “beating my heart”. it’s a good song, but it’s not the one that i’m stuck on.  the song that has me captivated at the moment is “smack into you”.

i could have sworn that i read somewhere that this song was produced by r&b heavyweights tricky and the dream, but i don’t remember where i saw that.  also, i haven’t been able to confirm where this song came from and whether or not it will actually be on ok now, but i do know that i love it.  enjoy and pick up ok now on october 7!

jon mclaughlin – “smack into you”