ladies and gentlemen… ryan edgar

3 01 2009


ryan edgar. remember that name.

not only is ryan my co-star on the world famous  “ryan and grant show” on the net (don’t sleep), but my homey is also a killer singer, songwriter and musician in his own right and also, yes… my client.

check out this dope “raw session” acoustic cover of kanye’s “love lockdown” joint he recently did.

you can check ryan on myspace, facebook and twitter.

you can snag his current record, “the ryan edgar project”, at itunes now.  ryan is currently writing for his new record, which he’ll go in the studio to record sometime in the next few months.  remember the name… you’ll be hearing a lot more of it.


love lockdown

11 09 2008

a lot of folks hate on kanye west because he is so freaking arrogant, and i’ll give them that… he is incredibly freaking arrogant. but the dude is amazing.  he is one of the most progressive, creative and innovative artists in the game… in any genre!  well, ladies and gentlemen, kanye west has raised the bar and flipped the script once again.

after a steady string of innovative hits and ridiculously addictive jams like “jesus walks”, “gold digger” and “stronger”, most would expect mr. west to emerge with yet another blazing musical expedition that would blow minds and move booties everywhere it’s heard.

but instead of butts, this time around it sounds like he is aiming to move minds and challenge his listeners with… *gasp* change!  change is amazing.  change is vital.  if you’re going to stay on top of your game, remain relevant, and be effective in whatever it is you do, you must accept, embrace and be an agent of change.  my homey brewster just wrote a killer blog about change that you should go read right now!

so, instead of putting out the the next club banger, ‘ye has pulled a janet jackson/that’s-the-way-love-goes on ’em and dropped something that no one was expecting… and it’s crazy hot.

“love lockdown” is the new single from kanye’s new album, reportedly titled “808s and heartbreak”, which is due by the end of the year.  he performed it at the vmas this week (one of the only 2 memorable moments in an otherwise lackluster show) and the performance was great.  it’s not what anyone was expecting from him. it is surprisingly and refreshingly low key and subdued compared to many of his other more hyper-edged material.  it sounds like what’s next.  it sounds like innovation.  it’s strength is it’s simplicity.  it sounds like change… and it’s about to be everywhere.

kanye west “love lockdown”

brandy’s back

17 08 2008

after a 4 year hiatus from recording, brandy is back.  her brand new single “right here (departed)” hit the net this week, will be available on itunes august 26 and officially impacts radio in september, although i’m sure you’ll be hearing it everywhere any time now.

it is notable that the new single marks brandy’s reunion with rodney “darkchild” jerkins, with whom brandy created the most creative, acclaimed and best-selling work of her career.  brandy’s pairing with darkchild proved to be explosive on their first effort together, 1998’s “never say never” album.  fueled largely by the international smash hit “the boy is mine” (with monica), “never say never” sold over 14 million units worldwide.  we haven’t seen brandy and jerkins making music together since 2002’s less successful but remarkably sonically progressive “full moon” album.

jerkins was notably absent from the mix on her 2004 album, “afrodisiac”, which was widely considered a failure, having yet to sell even 500,000 copies as of 2008… a number far removed from the glory days of the brandy-darkchild collabo.  for “afrodisiac” brandy chose to lean on the production laurels of the likes of timbaland and kanye west, incredibly successful producers in their own right, but who achieved moderate-at-best results in their attempts to deliver the “brandy sound”.

their success together made the names brandy and darkchild arguably synonymous, with many feeling that she aided in defining his sound as much as he did hers.  “right here (departed)” reclaims the classic brandy/darkchild sound with blazing results.  seconds before the pulsating groove kicks in, rodney declares “we back!”… and yes indeed, they are back.

brandy’s new album “human” releases on november 11.

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this is the story of a champion

12 08 2008

brand new kanye west video for “champion” (one of my fave tracks from the graduation record), inspired by this year’s beijing olympics… so dope!

flashing lights #3

29 05 2008

for those keeping track, this would be the third official video for kanye’s “flashing lights” track. (check out versions 1 and 2) this joint is one of my faves from the graduation album. i love the song and love this video. the creativity is bangin and the visuals are sick.