the gideon chronicles

3 03 2008

// becoming… what it’s all about \\

i think it is important to be able to see yourself in and relate to many of the people in the bible. in fact, the more you can relate to them and draw parallels between your life and theirs, the easier it is to see that God if used imperfect, flawed and broken people back then… then surely he can use me today.

i think more than any other person in the bible, i find myself relating to gideon most often. gideon was a man of valor and purpose, and he didn’t even know it. i love the account in judges where the Lord came to gideon while he was minding his own business, doing something very mundane and completely unaware of the untapped greatness that had been lying dormant inside of him. when God came to him, he called him a great and mighty man of strength… but gideon wasn’t trying to hear it. in fact, he had to get some clarity, asking “me?” two different times.

this is one of my favorite accounts in the entire bible and there is so much that i have pulled from this over the years. i love how God came to gideon and basically challenged his limitations… empowering him to do something that he didn’t think he could do. what he didn’t realize was the greatness had been hibernating inside of him, but no one had ever put a demand on it. when God came to gideon, he didn’t feel qualified at all… in fact, he felt horrified. nor did he feel equipped… all he had to work with was a call… ever been there?

so now i begin a new blog adventure… a journey to continually hear the voice of the Lord that would speak to us in the midst of our daily routines and continually challenge our limitations… empowering and spurring us on to become something greater than we are right now. the challenge is ever present, as is the reluctance to meet it… but for those that accept it, great things await…

i invite you to become with me…