you came like a winter snow

6 04 2009


this post is completely unrelated to the fact that that it is snowing once again here in nashville, on april 6… one day after we had a beautiful 74 degree spring day… but i want to introduce you to audrey assad,  a writer and artist who i recently discovered.  her song “winter snow” has quickly become one of my favorite songs and i want to share it with you.

what a strikingly beautiful and intimate depiction of Christ coming to earth, our Emmanuel… God with us…

winter snow by audrey assad

could’ve come like a mighty storm / with all the strength of a hurricane

you could’ve come like a forrest fire / with the power of heaven in your flame

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

could’ve swept in like a tidal wave / or an ocean to ravish our hearts

you could have come through like a roaring flood / to wipe away the things we’ve scarred

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

no, your voice wasn’t in a bush burning

no, your voice wasn’t in a rushing wind

it was still, it was small, it was hidden


audrey is a client of my good friend kat at the brown book agency, and you can hear more of her beautiful music on her myspace.


u2’s boots just got sexier

4 04 2009


u2 has become widely synonymous with ‘justice’ (as in: just behavior or treatment), largely through the extensive work of frontman bono for the world’s impoverished, downtrodden and forgotten through vehicles such as the red campaign.

however, never have u2 and justice (as in: the uber-cool french electronic music duo) collided in this manner… and it’s deliciously ridiculous… or perhaps it’s ridiculously delicious.

this should be played at high volumes, preferably in an area where you are free to flail and cavort about or otherwise get your groove on extemporaneously.  i don’t know where you can buy this yes, but hopefully it will be commercially available somewhere very very soon.

u2 – get on your boots (justice remix)

mad, mad props to stereogum!

where’s t-pain when you need him?

8 03 2009

i’ll be brief.  here’s the skinny… mary j. blige’s sister latonya is supposedly preparing to release a gospel album.  the first single has released and whooooooa bessie… apparently making a “joyful noise” unto the lord is much more a relative concept than i was aware.  i love me some mary j. and will readily admit that she’s not exactly the best singer herself,  but where i’ve got to give it up to mary is that no matter what she is singing, you feel her. i certainly feel this as well, but in a much, much different way.

latonya blige – “it’s coming (feat. mary j. blige)”

i’m not exactly sure what happened here, but it’s reeeeeeeeal special.  and i’m actually surprised that mary j. is actually singing on it!  more than that, i’m kind of shocked that mary would let her put herself out there like this.  then again, maybe they think it’s hot.  i appreciate mary’s verse, but dude… i mean, i love Jesus too and er’rything,  but, but…  the track is wack and this is just ………… and it all sounds about 15 years old to boot. (yes, “to boot”)

perhaps singing isn’t necessarily latonya’s bag… may i suggest a handbell praise album?  i’m going to need her to begin to operate in an auto-tune spirit expeditiously!   i’m just sayin’… i’m certainly not his biggest fan, but where’s t-pain when you need him?!?!  this is one gospel record i wouldn’t mind him jumping on.  stretch your hands and pray, saints… where’s my oil?

is it just me???

shout out to for the 411.

you should know about… rick seibold

7 03 2009


my homey rick seilbold is an indie artist originally from north carolina, but is now in nashville, by way of new york.  follow that?  🙂  rick writes great pop music that will make you smile and want to hit ‘repeat’ and if you’re looking for cool new music, you should know about rick seibold.

his dope new ep “new york” releases april 28, but the first 100 people to pre-order can download the whole record now.  check out the ‘new york’ ep sampler here, then befriend him on myspace, facebook and twitter.  word.

the essence of elegance

13 01 2009


heather headley is a tony award winning actress and grammy nominated recording artist.  at the same time, she has managed to slip under a lot of people’s radar. i am hoping that will change with the release of her first gospel project, “audience of one”.

if heather’s name is new to you, check out this video of her singing “the prayer” live with andrea bocelli in 2006.

ever the definition of class, heather headley delivers a gospel record in a fashion that is both distinguished and refined.  on her first gospel release, heather seems to have already perfected the art of balance that is often difficult to come by, even for many of the genre’s mainstays.  striking the perfect balance between reverent restraint and passionate praise, heather lets each song breathe and speak for itself, and speak they do.  heather headley’s “audience of one” is quite simply the essence of elegance.

heather headley “simply redeemed”

heather headley “jesus is love” (featuring smokie norful)

“audience of one” is available now.

in case you missed it ’08

7 01 2009

i’m pretty much what you’d call a music head. i listen to music of all kinds, genres, styles, etc.  i love music in the way that some people love food, cars or pets.

there are few things i enjoy more than turning folks on to new songs, artists, sounds and albums.   if you ride in my truck, chances are i’ll be playing you some new song or new artist that you’ve never heard before.

as a result, i make a lot of play lists and mixes, all part of my never ending quest to create the perfect play list and rock my friends’ worlds with new tunes!

so rather than a ‘best of ’08’, i just finished compiling a new mix called “in case you missed it ’08“… 20 tracks consisting of songs and artists that might have flown under your rader last year, but shouldn’t have.  here’s the rundown…


any of these new to you?  consider yourself hipped and add them to your stash today!

what were you listening to in ’08?

ladies and gentlemen… ryan edgar

3 01 2009


ryan edgar. remember that name.

not only is ryan my co-star on the world famous  “ryan and grant show” on the net (don’t sleep), but my homey is also a killer singer, songwriter and musician in his own right and also, yes… my client.

check out this dope “raw session” acoustic cover of kanye’s “love lockdown” joint he recently did.

you can check ryan on myspace, facebook and twitter.

you can snag his current record, “the ryan edgar project”, at itunes now.  ryan is currently writing for his new record, which he’ll go in the studio to record sometime in the next few months.  remember the name… you’ll be hearing a lot more of it.