my olympic dream

15 08 2008

as i sit here and marvel at the tremendous feats of the olympic basketball, swim and gymnastics teams in beijing (particularly those of michael phelps) over the past few evenings, i can’t help but wonder if this is a level of accomplishment that i ever could have or ever will achieve.

growing up, it seems like i spent a lot of time trying to find my niche.  i played several seasons of soccer when i was 8 and 9 years old.  i scored some goals and had a lot of after-game capri suns and snickers bars… but soccer wasn’t really my thing. (david beckham, who?)

then i spent a couple of seasons competing as part of the local swim team…

… i have several ribbons and trophies to remind me of my efforts, but i ultimately decided to leave that glory to the michael phelps’ of the world.  (what in the world… am i singing in this pic????).

1986 brought along with it my big track & field debut…

it was in the 5th grade that i cruised past the competition to land first place in the 50 yard dash.  call me carl lewis because I was the man!

however, a year later my hopes were dashed when i only managed to snag second place in the same event.  it was pretty much all downhill from there.  it was a very dark time and blogging about it even now is an emotional experience. 😉


then in the 7th grade i was bit by the basketball bug.  i spent hours playing nintendo’s double dribble with my friends, and i was sure this was going to be it.  but alas… nope.

i think that’s pretty much when i decided that the wide world of sports wasn’t really for me…

…until now.

i recently learned that since 1992, badminton has actually been an olympic sport.  really?  badminton???  who knew?!?!

this was quite a revelation to me.  now that badminton is in the mix, the way i figure, it’s only a matter of time before other events of a more traditionally recreational nature are added.

i’m not saying we’ll ever see olympic horseshoes, or croquet… but the minute there is an olympic event for yard darts or tetherball, i am all over it!  olympic freeze tag.  and red rover?  please!  it would be a wrap!  just try and tell me the ratings wouldn’t go through the roof… “red rover, red rover, send nicolai right over!”  i could very possibly walk away with the gold even yet!  the dream is still alive!

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this is the story of a champion

12 08 2008

brand new kanye west video for “champion” (one of my fave tracks from the graduation record), inspired by this year’s beijing olympics… so dope!