whitney loves the lord

29 05 2008

whitney houston is on her way back. she has been tucked quietly away for months now working on her big comeback album, which is supposedly due out in november. i love that she is laying low, working it all out (personally, spiritually, professionally) and staying out of the public eye. that’s how you do it, kids. stay out of the club, stay off tmz, work on you and let the people miss you.

check out this video of her performing ‘i love the lord’ in morocco just 5 days ago. the video quality is bad, but her voice sounds better than it has in years. certainly not the whitney we knew in her glory days, but she has come a long way and i’m excited to see her re-emerge successfully and victoriously over all the challenges she has been through in her life.  go ‘head and praise him, whitney!

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27 05 2008


the new usher album “here i stand” released today and wow… yawn. it sounds like he took too much time off after confessions and rushed to get this out. and let’s not even discuss his weak performances on snl a couple weeks ago. i’m sure it will sell because after all, it is usher. don’t get me wrong, i’m not a hater. but i’m also not going to blow something up if it’s wack. and the new record, in my opinion, is indeed tired and wack.