you came like a winter snow

6 04 2009


this post is completely unrelated to the fact that that it is snowing once again here in nashville, on april 6… one day after we had a beautiful 74 degree spring day… but i want to introduce you to audrey assad,  a writer and artist who i recently discovered.  her song “winter snow” has quickly become one of my favorite songs and i want to share it with you.

what a strikingly beautiful and intimate depiction of Christ coming to earth, our Emmanuel… God with us…

winter snow by audrey assad

could’ve come like a mighty storm / with all the strength of a hurricane

you could’ve come like a forrest fire / with the power of heaven in your flame

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

could’ve swept in like a tidal wave / or an ocean to ravish our hearts

you could have come through like a roaring flood / to wipe away the things we’ve scarred

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

no, your voice wasn’t in a bush burning

no, your voice wasn’t in a rushing wind

it was still, it was small, it was hidden


audrey is a client of my good friend kat at the brown book agency, and you can hear more of her beautiful music on her myspace.


ladies and gentlemen… ryan edgar

3 01 2009


ryan edgar. remember that name.

not only is ryan my co-star on the world famous  “ryan and grant show” on the net (don’t sleep), but my homey is also a killer singer, songwriter and musician in his own right and also, yes… my client.

check out this dope “raw session” acoustic cover of kanye’s “love lockdown” joint he recently did.

you can check ryan on myspace, facebook and twitter.

you can snag his current record, “the ryan edgar project”, at itunes now.  ryan is currently writing for his new record, which he’ll go in the studio to record sometime in the next few months.  remember the name… you’ll be hearing a lot more of it.

the sparrow and the crow

1 10 2008

in august, i saw brooke fraser play live in houston.  brooke is so phenomenal, she deserves a seperate blog all her own.  it was an amazing evening, and opening the show was an artist i had never heard of, named william fitzsimmons.  i came there to hear brooke, and was completely caught off guard by william’s performance.  his approach is mellow and delicate but the impact is deep and long lasting.  when i got home from the show that night, i bought his album “goodnight” on itunes… and i was suddenly a fan.

he writes and delivers his songs with such a vulnerability, drawing from a palette of his own personal life tales, painting with both broad, sweeping and intricate, detailed strokes against an intimate, acoustic and often haunting backdrop to create a work that is instantly both striking and disarming.

the youngest child of two blind parents, william’s career in music came only after completing a master’s degree in counseling and work as a mental health therapist.  prior to his graduate studies, fitzsimmons worked with the mentally ill for several years.  william’s music has been featured in episodes of grey’s anatomy, life of ryan, army wives and general hospital.

william just released his new album “the sparrow and the crow” today, and once again, it has me hanging on every note and lyric.  the strength of his music is both its simplicity and depth.

here is what william has to say about the new album…

i don’t know why telling our misdoings to another has such a wonderful release to it.  i don’t know why a real change occurs when we own up to the ways that we have failed each other, hurt each other, or let each other down.  sometimes it is small childhood mistakes which fade away into long lost and nostalgic memories.  sometimes it is life-changing harms which can never be forgotten. and I don’t know why there can be restoration in relationships when such things are revealed.

but I count on it.  and I am glad there is.  and I find a lot of hope in that.  even in only the possibility of it.

the sparrow and the crow,” my new record, is a story, and a true one at that.  it is a personal tale of the ways in which we can go wrong.  it is not a tale i am proud of, but it is one that i feel compelled to share.  it is the fear of opening up, but the hope of forgiveness in doing so.  perhaps there is a real selfishness in the cathartic release i have found in these songs.  but much more than that, it is for those that need to hear them as well.  i have found something good in releasing these thoughts and pains from my own head.  and i wish the very same for you as well.

wow!  what else do you need to know?  as i told my friend jackie tonight, william makes the kind of music that is best experienced over a warm drink in the calm of the night or the still of the morning as you reflect on the complex simplicity of life.  listening to his music, i hear the sounds of both the tension and the redemption, and the moment when they collide and change you…

i am a big fan of mr. fitzsimmons’ work and his new album, “the sparrow and the crow” comes highly recommended (as does his previous release, “goodnight”).  here is a song from the new album…

william fitzsimmons “i don’t feel it anymore (song of the sparrow)”

if you pick it up, let me know what you think!