A New Day, A New Blog: An Idol Heart

25 03 2010


I have started blogging again, but have changed addresses.  I am now blogging at AnIdolHeart.com.  There has been, and continues to be, a lot of life change for me, and this new blog is where I will be talking a lot about it.  There will be no more updates to The Gideon Chronicles, so please join me at AnIdolHeart.com.

If you had previously bookmarked or listed me in your blog roll, would you please be so kind to update the listing to AnIdolHeart.com?  Thanks!

See you soon!


you came like a winter snow

6 04 2009


this post is completely unrelated to the fact that that it is snowing once again here in nashville, on april 6… one day after we had a beautiful 74 degree spring day… but i want to introduce you to audrey assad,  a writer and artist who i recently discovered.  her song “winter snow” has quickly become one of my favorite songs and i want to share it with you.

what a strikingly beautiful and intimate depiction of Christ coming to earth, our Emmanuel… God with us…

winter snow by audrey assad

could’ve come like a mighty storm / with all the strength of a hurricane

you could’ve come like a forrest fire / with the power of heaven in your flame

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

could’ve swept in like a tidal wave / or an ocean to ravish our hearts

you could have come through like a roaring flood / to wipe away the things we’ve scarred

but you came like a winter snow / quiet and soft and slow

falling from the sky in the night / to the earth below

no, your voice wasn’t in a bush burning

no, your voice wasn’t in a rushing wind

it was still, it was small, it was hidden


audrey is a client of my good friend kat at the brown book agency, and you can hear more of her beautiful music on her myspace.


11 02 2009

honestly, i don’t even really know what to title this blog.  it is 2:17 am, at the end of a very long day, and i am sitting on a tour bus in tulsa, oklahoma.  i should be sleeping, but i am actually wide awake right now, mostly because i’m so excited that i can’t sleep!

as quite a few of you know, i took a big step of faith last october when i knew the Lord was continually nudging to step out and start my own company.  long story short, i did.  on october 29, i started the point5ive agency and signed my first management client, kari jobe.  the very next day, october 30, i moved back to nashville and began pursuing what was in my heart to do.  since then, i have been blessed with a wonderfully diverse roster of clients who i work with on either a management or artist development level, all of which have come to me though relationships or referral. i have not had to go looking for one single client.  i am just so thankful for the Lord’s prompting and faithfulness… even in spite of my reluctance and “gideon complex”.

tuesday, february 10 saw the release of new albums from two artists i am managing… kari jobe and freddy rodriguez.

both are worship artists but that’s where the similarities stop.  kari’s approach to worship is reflective, earthy and intimate while freddy’s is an explosive multi-cultural expression, very similar to the spirit of israel & new breed’s “new season” days.  both artists and their albums are incredible in their own right and i am so very proud to be associated with both of them.

as i sit here, ready to end my day (my loooong day!), i am excited to share with you that both the kari jobe and freddy rodriguez new albums are sitting in the itunes top 10 christian albums chart!  kari is sitting at #1 (and #33 on the overall itunes chart) and freddy is at #9!


i am so proud of both these artists and what they are accomplishing for the kingdom and i couldn’t be more pleased to see the fruit of their efforts connect with and impact so many people.  and quite honestly, i have been working my butt off the past few months, weeks and days… so to also see the fruit of that is incredible.  i am truly humbled tonight that God would choose to use me in this capacity, to help these artists connect people worldwide to the heart of God… is… well… it’s just overwhelming.

those of you who know me well know that i won’t steer you wrong on good music.  and if i attach my name or the point5ive name to it, it’s going to deliver.  kari and freddy are no exception.   if you don’t have either freddy or kari’s new records, you don’t want to miss out!

holla back!

are you singing?

5 12 2008

my client kari jobe just kicked off a really dope thing today…

she has a new single out called “i’m singing”, and we’ve been getting some great feedback from people on the song.  along with that, we’ve been hearing a lot of people’s individual stories… stories of pain, joy, trials and triumph, and everything in between.

so kari decided to ask people to share their story… those things that we sometimes think divide and make us so different from everyone else… bring those stories together and discover the common bond that we all share in the midst of interchangeable circumstances… that although we will experience the spectrum of life on different levels, we are not alone and regardless of what life brings, we still must choose to sing and praise God, who is the author of all life.

the stories will be compiled in a special “i’m singing” video and shared around the world.

check out her video blog explaining the idea, then go to her youtube page, share your story and connect!

i absolutely love it when i get to see ideas connect and bring people together!

i’m singing

25 11 2008


kari’s jobe’s first single is now available on itunes!  co-written by kari with ed cash and chris tomlin, “i’m singing” is the beautiful first taste of her debut solo release which will hit on february 10.   pick it up today!


kari jobe

11 11 2008

as i mentioned in my previous blog, i have started my own company.  that’s a long story, but the short version is… i have started my own company. 🙂

i am very excited to announce that one of my first clients is kari jobe, who i am now managing.  kari serves as worship pastor at gateway church in southlake, texas and has an incredible passion to lead people into the presence of God through worship.  kari’s new album will release february 10, 2009 and you’ll be hearing much more about her in the coming weeks and months.


you can hear her brand new single “i’m singing” on her website and also on her myspace. check it out!  for those of you who twitter, you can also follow her on her twitter.

i am currently back in dallas for a couple days of meetings with kari as we prepare for her cd release. tonight she led worship at a women’s event at covenant church in dallas… and it was incredible.  i stood there amazed as she and her band introduced the song “overcome” to these women, and i literally watched them go from generally not knowing the song to grasping the truth in it and pursue God with it… it was absolutely electric in that place tonight. so powerful…  everyone overcome!

worship in jakarta, indonesia

11 06 2008

i am sitting in the hong kong airport, waiting to board my plane headed to los angeles. i have been in indonesia for this event since last thursday, june 5. it was an absolutely amazing experience. i have a lot of stories and pics to share, but in the meantime, i wanted to share a couple of videos from our time in jakarta, indonesia. i’ll tell you what, there are some Jesus-loving people in indonesia! more coming soon… enjoy!