A New Day, A New Blog: An Idol Heart

25 03 2010


I have started blogging again, but have changed addresses.  I am now blogging at AnIdolHeart.com.  There has been, and continues to be, a lot of life change for me, and this new blog is where I will be talking a lot about it.  There will be no more updates to The Gideon Chronicles, so please join me at AnIdolHeart.com.

If you had previously bookmarked or listed me in your blog roll, would you please be so kind to update the listing to AnIdolHeart.com?  Thanks!

See you soon!


a better life?

8 06 2009

i know i’ve been such an inconsistent blogger lately.  my apologies.  trying to get back on track now.

at church yesterday, pastor jamie used this excerpt from larry crabb’s book the pressure’s off.  it was incredibly profound for me and i wanted to share it.

you’ve cheapened the requirements of holiness by assuming you can do enough right things to bring about a “better life.” sometimes that works. sometimes it doesn’t. you therefore live with uncertainty and pressure, and you demand to know the way to live that will make your life work as you want.
you maneuver; you do not trust.
you negotiate; you do not worship.
you analyze and interpret to gain control over what happens; you do not depend.
you seek the “better life of God’s blessings today” over the “better hope of God’s presence.

i came away from that with many thoughts, most of which i am still processing.  what thoughts do you have after reading that?

are you singing?

5 12 2008

my client kari jobe just kicked off a really dope thing today…

she has a new single out called “i’m singing”, and we’ve been getting some great feedback from people on the song.  along with that, we’ve been hearing a lot of people’s individual stories… stories of pain, joy, trials and triumph, and everything in between.

so kari decided to ask people to share their story… those things that we sometimes think divide and make us so different from everyone else… bring those stories together and discover the common bond that we all share in the midst of interchangeable circumstances… that although we will experience the spectrum of life on different levels, we are not alone and regardless of what life brings, we still must choose to sing and praise God, who is the author of all life.

the stories will be compiled in a special “i’m singing” video and shared around the world.

check out her video blog explaining the idea, then go to her youtube page, share your story and connect!

i absolutely love it when i get to see ideas connect and bring people together!

i’m singing

25 11 2008


kari’s jobe’s first single is now available on itunes!  co-written by kari with ed cash and chris tomlin, “i’m singing” is the beautiful first taste of her debut solo release which will hit on february 10.   pick it up today!


my healer

24 07 2008

if you have not yet heard the buzz surrounding the song “healer” yet, you soon will.

“healer” was written by mike guglielmucci, who wrote it after a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2006. the song was recorded live by hillsong this year, with mike guglielmucci leading, and appears on the upcoming hillsong live worship cd, this is our god, which releases august 5.

there are many praise reports that have been a result of how this song has impacted people’s faith and how God has moved miraculously in people’s lives.  check out this site to see the live performance, the story behind the song and to share prayer requests and praise reports of your own.

i encourage you to share this with everyone you know who is in need of a healer… whether in their body, their emotions, their finances, their relationships, their mind…   Jesus is our healer and he is all we need.

i think it’s very important that we don’t just see Christ as “a” healer, but as “my” healer.  it is very personal.  sure, he is both… but for me to be able to see him as being that personally available to me changes the way i will pursue and grab ahold of him… because he is my healer. that’s really dope if you think about it.

do you believe he is a healer or do you believe he is your healer?  nothing is impossible for him who believes! anything can happen!

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simply put

24 07 2008

sometimes i think that we can tend to complicate life, love and faith so much that we lose the simple essence of what’s really important.

i love the song “simply put” from fred hammond‘s latest album “free to worship”.  i wanted to share the lyrics here and encourage you to dig through all the crap that has piled up in your life over the years that has kept you from really knowing and running in the truth of God’s love for you.  fall in love again with the simple fact that the Lord of all creation considers you his own and not only does he love you, but he likes you… i mean, he is really into you!

i don’t really need to tell someone their future
i don’t really have to see the things that can’t be seen
i don’t need another hyped up church encounter
or another clever new years theme
i’m not looking for another goose bump sermon
or a word that leaves me passed out on the floor
my basic needs are really very simple
to know you love me, you like me
and i am Yours

my learning could go on throughout the ages
but i just need the plain and simple of what’s real
i could memorize and quote a million pages
but i’d rather just express the way i feel
i’ve tried so hard to know the deepest revelation
so i could stand and tell the nations what it means
but i found the greatest gift wrapped in your salvation
it’s really much more simple than it seems

so i relinquish all my witty observations
leave my so called sacred knowledge at the door
when you died you answered every single question
you said you love me, you like me
and I am yours

my learning could go on throughout the ages
but i just need the plain and simple of what’s real
i could memorize and quote a million pages
but i’d rather just express the way i feel
all those complicated things have no appeal
so i’d rather keep it simple, keep it real
yes i’m done with all the things that make it
difficult to know

you love me, you like me
and I am yours

hook hands

14 07 2008

one of my favorite blogs, stuff christians like, has a post today about “the top 10 hand-raising worship styles.”  they list out and name the top styles or approaches people typically take to raising their hands in church.  it’s really good stuff.  if you, like me, have spent most of or all your life around one of the brands of christianity who are particularly prone to hand-raising during worship, prayer or randomly at any other time of the service when you feel like you want to… you might really get a kick out of it.

what made it even funnier for me is that I actually had an experience yesterday that cause me to think about this exact same thing.

i was in dallas for the weekend and was able to go to church at gateway, where i attended when i lived there.  it felt really good to be there with good friends.  during the worship set, the praise team was leading “healer” (amazing song. if you haven’t heard it yet, you soon will). it’s a powerful song of faith, hope and confession.

during the big “i believe you’re my healer, i believe you are all I need” chorus, about 75% of the hands in the place went up, including mine. it was real, and i was passionately engaging God at that very moment.  so much so that i didn’t open my eyes and take down my hands until somewhere in the middle of the next verse. when this happened, I suddenly became aware that I seemed to be the only one with my hands still raised. until, that is, the next chorus came. then, UP they all go again.

i’m not sure that it is a “style” as much as it is a phenomenon… but i call it “hook hands”, because while the verses are nice, they are apparently just too wordy and it takes too much energy to focus on singing all those words… but nothing can get the hand raisers to unite like a good, solid hook!  it’s a corporate statement that seems to say, “yeah, we all agree with that“…”shout to the lord”, “forever”, “blessed be your name”… you name it. =)

people are funny, man!  what styles are popular in your church?

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